samedi 14 novembre 2015

Why We Need Conspiracy Theory Parodies

By Mattie Knight

Conspiracy theories have been part and parcel of our daily lives for a long time. Everybody has heard of at least a version of speculation surrounding one or more contentious issues or piece of news. The effects of these theories is not in the spin offs themselves but in the effects that they cause to the social fabric globally. They tend to be more disruptive than most people give them credit. This trend has lead to widespread paranoia. To counter these harmful effects we need conspiracy theory parodies in our lives.

Recent research has discovered that these theories have a bad negative effect on the social behavior of people. It has been revealed that persons exposed to various speculation and conspiracy spin offs react negatively to certain related projects and activities. For example, those suspicious of the government tend not to be involved in politics and do not vote. The same applies to those exposed to climate change or vaccination conspiracies, as they tend to shun any related initiatives.

They have the effect of decreasing the confidence in established systems of power. It goes as far as undermining the belief in established positions. A good example is the legal process and judicial system. This affects the ability of the government to provide services and serve the people. This leads to a class of easily influenced citizens and anti-government demonstrations that may destabilize the whole state.

It has been discovered that those who are exposed to, and believe, conspiracy theories tend to feel hopeless, insecure and powerless. They get resigned to the fate and whims of others who may prey on them. These feelings may affect voting patterns, participation in nationalistic activities and confidence. New evidence has revealed that these speculations affect people without their realization.

Conspiracy can lead to the creation and establishment of corrupt institutions and governments. One classic example is the speculations released by the Nazi government that the Jewish were covertly influencing world affairs. They claimed that Zionists were ruling the world and establishing their undue influence. This caused widespread hatred in some parts of Europe towards Jews and led to their massacre in the holocaust.

In recent times, conspiracy and propaganda has been used to spread the interest of western nations on the world. The fight against terrorism and al Qaeda networks gave rise to pervasive fear among nation. In effect, this gave rise to the fascist and strict security policies. These policies have been discriminatory in nature against a certain skin type and religious association.

Unfortunately, conspiracies have resulted in extensive global expenditure on the military and securing of arms. These weapons of mass destruction are because of suspicion between states. The world lives in constant fear of another world war inclusive of nuclear power. Sadly, most of these weapons find their way to the black market where they are sold to terrorists.

Conspiracy theories have caused tension among states. They are at the center of most social and political debates globally. They tend to start needless arguments instead of mature talks. Hence the importance of more parodies in the world.

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