lundi 16 novembre 2015

Mens Custom Bow Ties Add Spies To Men Who Loves To Wear Them

By Mattie Knight

Bow ties were already a great part to an apparel which can create a distinguish aura and look to a person wearing it. They portray an identity which should be taken seriously because it brings the personality that you have. A mixture of elegance and magic that completes a person that is wearing it on.

We want to avoid all the stereotyping of the people who are wearing them because it is not nerdy and dorky. They are classy and artsy, and designers made a step to make sure that people would change their ideas about having one. These mens custom bow ties are making a statement where they are appropriate for guys in a formal and casual setting.

As we all know that it is composed of a ribbon fabric and is being tied around the collar and is tied as a shoelace knot. You can identify them as a ready tied bow ties where it is much easier to wear because it is like a clip on. The other one is known as the self tie where the person wearing has to tie it himself.

Mostly are usually made of silk, cotton, polyester and a lot more which assured to the comfort of the wearer. The classical types are made of plain colors to avoid creating too much attention but it would depend the preference of the person wearing it. They would match it the outfit they have to make it a perfect blend.

Designers nowadays are innovating the designs and styles of the bow ties because they want it to adopt with the modern times as well. They are still applying the bat wing and the butterfly styles because they are classy to some. You can find several boutiques that are selling them which were created by famous designers.

We typically see them together with a tuxedo but the latest fashion trends we have now, cardigans, narrow ties, and V necked sweaters becomes a perfect fit with them. They can be worn casually because of this new trend. This is not just for politicians, professors, and businessmen because of this new styles that is perfect for the younger generation.

Custom ties become in demand today, where they can have it to different events that people would like to wear them. You may have consultation with some artists that you would want to do the design of your bow tie. They make sure that is would fit perfectly and suit with the style you have and comfortably wear it.

Some men are collecting this ties because these are great things for them to collect and are precious just like shoes to women. Depending of the attitude you have, it could appear on the style you chosen to have. They take time in finding the right tie they would like to wear on a day or an event because they also want to look perfect as well.

You can also find women who loves wearing a tie, they normally choose a design which are cuter and has prints on it. They would even let their kids have one because it looks more hippie. Make sure that the one you have selected is comfortable to wear and do not choke you.

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