dimanche 8 novembre 2015

Purchase World Trade Center Prints

By Mattie Knight

Even before September 11, 2001, this part of Manhattan was a well known New York landmark. World Trade Center Prints predating this event show the impressive twin towers reaching towards the sky. More recent images show the inspirational memorial that has taken their place. Whatever date the prints were created, this location continues to capture the imagination of many.

Some of the prints feature the twin towers as the main subject matter. Others show broader views of the towers that include the Statue of Liberty and other landmarks. Prints are available in color or black and white. Some are photographic prints, while others show artists' renditions of the views. Artistic works have been created to suit just about every taste.

The price of the prints start around thirteen dollars, while limited replications of works of art may cost three thousand dollars and more. Views range from the Brooklyn Bridge with the twin towers in the background to the firemen raising the American flag during the first stages of recovery at ground zero.

An important part of displaying a treasured print is the presentation. Some websites allow the shopper to view the selected print with various combinations of matting and frames. The print of your choice can be presented with modern or more traditional touches. Using this feature allows you to hang the artwork as soon as shipment is received.

These prints are extremely popular. The range of sizes is almost unlimited. The smaller sized work can be framed with a ready made frame. Large panoramic views may not be suited to framing and can be mounted on a board or backside frame. This method of finishing the artwork will result in a modern style and make s strong visual impact.

Prints of the memorial are breath taking. The images are powerful and provoke all kinds of emotion. The tragic events that took place have brought people together in support of those who suffered a direct loss of loved ones. It is almost too painful to even glance at photos of the burning towers with people jumping to their deaths to avoid the flames. However, the towers and the memorial are still positive images.

Originally the Center was a collection of seven buildings with the twin towers looming tall over the other structures. Like any grand architectural monument, collectively the buildings were quite a spectacle. The artwork depicting the towers, the Center and the surrounding landscape are a testament to man's ability to create beautiful and powerful structures.

To truly appreciate the Center's magnitude and meaning you should visit the memorial at ground zero. It is truly inspiring. For those of us who are not able to make the trip, visit the website to see the memorial that pays tribute to all those who lost their lives on Nine Eleven or during the aftermath and rescue efforts. The emotions that will be evoked while visiting the memorial can be overwhelming. This event cannot and will not be forgotten. Thanks to photographers and artist, we can remember what was and reflect on what remains.

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