jeudi 14 avril 2016

Benefits Of ZDDP Oil Treatment

By Stephen Robinson

Zinc dialkydithiophosphate is a compound usually found in lubrication engine oils. It is usually an additive that is added to the natural or synthetic oils for the purposes of lubrication to the moving parts. The STP, scientifically treated petroleum has been in production for over seventy years since their discovery in the 1940s. There are several advantages of zddp oil treatment that are above and beyond the normal oil lubricants, thus their persistent use for all those years.

Motor oil that has ZDDP treatment has better anti wear properties since it tends to prevent the metal to metal wear. Therefore, for high performance engines where high speed and power are needed, it is advisable to use oil that has been treated with ZDDP.

The treated oil that has the zinc compound provides better lubrication to the engine moving parts than plain mineral or synthetic oil. Under pressure, the normal oil would breakdown and be lighter in density. But when the zinc dialkydiothiophosphate is added, the density increases and makes the oil more effective under the contact pressure of the moving parts. It also has the zinc metal that acts as the sacrificial wear material and it saves actual metal parts from wearing off.

Friction is the opposing force between two moving parts. This contact parts tend to make a sharp noise while moving which may be unpleasant to the ear. It is therefore important to reduce if not eliminate the noises for the health and safety of human ears. Denser lubricating oils offers the required thickness in between the contact surfaces thus helping reduce the noise and achieving a quieter engine operation.

Oil at certain pressure and temperatures can burn in oxygen. Since this is the most unlikely occurrence that could happen to an engine, it is important to look for the required oil type that has the right density and viscosity. Density and viscosity in the oils can be altered by treating the natural or synthetic oil with ZDDP. This helps in increasing the oil flush point and making it have a wide operating range.

Oil treated with zinc dialkydiothiophosphate has some agents that prevent corrosion to the internal moving engine parts. They help coat the inside of the engine with a coat of zinc, which is usually a heavy metal and avoids the wear by corrosion of other agents that may have found their way into the inside.

It is much cheaper to produce the ZDDP treated oil since there are companies already established and it has been in used for the longest time. It is also easy to get the mineral zinc metal because it is abundant in the crust of the earth also manufacture the phosphate acids. New technology would prove difficult to research and implement since most engines are depend on the old lubricating oils and it would call for a change to every engine that is in existence making it very expensive an unattainable.

The zinc dialkydiothiophosphate acts like an anti oxidant in the lubricating oils. It inhibits the oxidation of the oil by air or any other compounds that would lead to formation of new chemicals in the oil. This helps avoid the catastrophic failure or engine knocking due to poor lubrication.

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