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Things You Have To Observe When Using Stage Makeup Kits For Schools

By Edward Cooper

Amaze your audience. Use stage makeup kits for schools to transform your students into realistic characters. This makeup is also great for parties such as Halloween or masquerade balls. Purchase one in a craft store or find one online.

Conduct research for options. Read its label before purchase to avoid irreversible damages. You may also want to consult your dermatologist prior to buying. It should match the skin type of its user.

Using such maquillage demands patience and practice. Every blend or stroke can affect its outcome. You may want to watch related instructional videos online or attend demonstrations to learn its basics. Apply it occasionally to master the technique. Personalize each look with a little imagination. Add in some accessories such as wigs and costumes to make it more realistic.

Organize that kit with multiple pocket bags. This is useful in segregating powders, creams, lipsticks, eyeliners and tools inside your bag. This lessens the frustration of searching for a specific makeup especially on the day of your performance. This also prevents bacteria from spreading. You may want to wash brushes and sponges after each use. Use baby shampoo in removing excess powder or creams on these items. Rinse and air dry before putting it back inside the bag.

Do not forget to wash your hands before engaging in this craft. Use disposable pads and clean brushes as applicators. Invest on a mixing palette if you plan to use share same kit with a group. This also prevents contamination. Never share your tools or cosmetics with others.

Be cautious of how long you store those cosmetics. They do expire. Note that lipsticks, lip liners, cleansers and eyebrow pencils only last for a year. This includes liquid latex and face paints. Mascaras and sponges on the other hand only have 6 months shelf life. Concealers, liquid foundations and moisturizers take 2 years before you throw it out of your vanity bin. Powders, eye shadow and blush also last for 2 years.

Daily makeup is different from theatrical cosmetics. Stage lights can be harsh on the skin thus it should be heavier. You have to clean and moisturize your skin first before you apply it. It is a must that you evenly distribute the foundation to achieve a natural look. You may want to conduct a skin test before you completely apply it. Do not continue its use if you feel a sudden itch on the area you applied it. Chances are it might result a skin allergy or pimple. Always have a topical ointment handy in case rashes appear.

Oil-based products may prevent sweat during from breaking out during a performance but it requires time to remove. Use cold creams or baby wipes immediately after the play to avoid it from sinking in your pores and resulting to skin inflammation and zits. Wash thoroughly with special soaps and water to remove excess make up and latex glue. Do not forget to tone and moisturize before bedtime.

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