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Time To Play Guess The Top Best Scandinavian Prog Rock

By Mary Morris

The rhythm of music is a miraculous thing because not only its precious for anyone, its basically an oxygen to most. Whenever you are tired, you open up your playlist and then listen to it. It relaxes you and it helps you think in most times which is why the general population has their favorite artists.

Since music has rolled into the lives of people, its been the source of motivation it has gave color to everyone life. Most especially the very well known Scandinavian prog rock or better known as progressive music in the 60s. To anyone who wants to play a guessing game, try facts stated below.

A Swedish group came about and their songs can still be played through internet browsers nowadays, go check it. They are actually great and have been compared with rockers this present time. They are know through their popular album Fran En Plats Du Ej Kan Se in the year 2003, guess who this is.

A group formed in the 90s has made a special kind of twist in the music industry especially with their guitarist Roine Stolt. He was the one who made them and they have rocked everyones world back then. They are a hit in jazz, blues and even experimented on some genres and they are still good at it.

If you want modern but with a hint of metal in it then you would like this group all the way from Norway. They started during the 70s and has been playing with their instruments to create a techno kind of music. They produced a lot of albums by far making them successful since then.

1993 made a Helsinki group who is unique because they used the cellos instrument, not only one but three of them. All played with well practiced cellist and have made metal music out from it. They did cover songs before but years passed and they created their very rhythm of music and was magnificent at that.

A blend of metal and folk can never go wrong especially with a Finnish band and they've broken down barriers with what they have made. Their practically crazy using their instruments and mixing it with flute, marimba and everything in between. They are known to rhyme space who's albums were released under independent label.

If anyone likes Kings then this one is pretty easy to guest because they're inspired by Fly and Zeppelin, to say the least. They have eastern genre, mysticism and together create with it a heavy rocking music. Their music is a favorite amongst fans that made them popular in releasing mix albums and live DVD, cool.

Lastly, you have heard them be called moon, once or twice or more than that and they have been suiting people with their music. They come with instruments yet they focus more in making acapella pieces. If you got that one right then you've already gotten an idea with the rest of the bands provided above.

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