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Throwing A Good Pirate Birthday Party NJ

By Betty Cole

Every kid deserves to celebrate their birthday together with friends and family. So what better way to make the day memorable for your kid than organizing a pirate birthday party NJ. For those located in Middletown, NJ, there are many stores where one can get all the supplies they need to organize a party. In addition, it is also possible to order for any supplies online on either Craig List or even eBay. Below are some excellent ideas and tips on how to organize one of these parties.

One of the first things to do is to get the right type of invitations made to suit the theme and mood of the day. Additionally, the language used on all the cards should be the same as that used by buccaneers. Local print shops in the city of Middletown, NJ, offer these services. The cards may also be homemade using tips found on the internet. Coffee or tea are excellent in enhancing the old age appearances of the paper.

Decorations are quite fun to do yourself at home. Make sure to use several colors in the decorations to make the theme seem more authentic. It is also allowed to mix several colors including green, gold, orange, blue and red. Use buccaneer flags and maps to decorate the house. Decorations help to set the feel and mood of the party. Maps may be drawn and designed by artists.

All pirates love their treasure hence the party cannot be complete without it. A treasure chest may be purchased at a local store or garage sale. It may also be made at home using simple internet tutorials for guidance. For more fun, hide the chest somewhere and organize a fun treasure hunt for the kids to take part in. Another idea is to put in a sandbox in your back yard where kids can play.

Come up with a theme for the type of costumes to be worn. Pirate clothes are easy to make at home. If this option is not available, they can still be bought at stores or shops that deal in second hand clothes and costumes. Ready-made costumes can be purchased online as well. Remember to get eye patches, bandanas, beards and adhesive moustaches.

Come up with fun activities and games that all the kids can participate in during the party. Some commonly recommended games include hide and seek, cannonball bops, playing with telescopes, bottle messages, walk the plank, playing with flags and coloring contests where kids get to color pictures and other drawings.

Make a huge birthday cake that adheres to the theme of the day. There are many caterers and bakeries online that make and sell all types of birthday themed cakes. One may decide to make many small pirate ship cakes and cookies for the guests. They could also be made to look like cannonballs or treasure chests.

Planning birthday parties require a lot of attention to details. However, planning a pirate party is fun and adventurous especially when done as a family. Sometimes, if one is busy or feels overwhelmed by the arrangements, hiring a planner is advisable.

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