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Top Tips For Decorating With Shaggy Rugs

By Donna Davis

A beautiful rug can make a strong style statement in your home and add warmth and practicality. This guide to shaggy rugs includes pointers on where to buy and how to decorate using this versatile accessory. Read on for a variety of suggestions to help you to learn more.

The first consideration whenever you shop should always be safety and quality. This means being careful to ensure that products, sellers and services are safe and reputable. Unfortunately there are some less than reliable companies around and being a smart consumer is crucial.

There are a variety of places to find this type of item. One popular route is a department store which offers a selection of furnishings for the home. In fact, the large scale department stores often have sections entirely for rugs. Being able to view the rug in person is an opportunity to get a sense of color and texture.

In addition, many department stores are now offering their merchandise to purchase online. In fact, some of these stores offer deals for online customers from time to time. Therefore it may be worth registering to receive alerts of special deals and sales. Often, shipping is surprisingly affordable and convenient even for large items such as rugs.

Another possibility for shopping for this item is with a high street home decor retailer. This type of store may release new lines each year which feature rugs and accessories with matching colors and patterns. The convenience of this option is that it allows you to tie the whole room together by purchasing a variety of matching items.

There are also options for handmade rugs which can give your home an eclectic look. To find out more about crafts people in your area who make rugs, visiting a local arts fair may prove helpful. In addition, local galleries and arts and crafts events may help you to learn more about the options near you. It is also useful to keep in mind that many artists today sell to buyers across the country with the help of the Internet.

There are a variety of ways to go about decorating with this item but showing off the color and texture with good lighting is a helpful starting point. The shaggy style of rug can add a welcoming and casual look to a room which goes particularly well when it is contrasted with clean, contemporary lines. For example, a modern apartment can benefit from the warmth, color and softness of a shaggy style of rug.

For further pointers about design and home decor there are many low cost resources around. A book store or a library is a good place to look for books and guides to help with interior design. In addition, you can find many online sources for home decor including blogs and websites which are aimed at helping buyers to achieve the look they want with soft furnishings. In addition, there are a number of monthly magazines which focus on home decor. They often include plenty of inspiration in the form of interviews with designers, tours of studios and homes and buying guides to help with styling home furnishings. The time devoted to research is well worth the effort to help you to find just the right item for your home.

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