mardi 12 avril 2016

Important Information About Clothing Hang Tags

By Kathleen Nelson

Garment hang tags are ideal marketing tools to advertise your apparel lines. They have a reputation for being very effective at capturing attention and important of all, they act as a product's hub of details. If you are looking to promote brand awareness, then clothing hang tags are the best option because they serve the purpose of conveying vital product information to the customer.

These small pieces can carry different kinds and forms of information depending on garment manufacturer's needs. Besides, they are usually available in adverse types, and an individual can opt to buy ready-made labels or go for custom-printed ones. This is a decision that greatly depends on the kind of information you want to convey about your product. Making labels of your own creates a touch of personality on your products.

Cloth tags can be used to display a lot of details about your garment. To begin with, these labels can be used to display mandatory information. As clear as it is, this is information that textile product legislators and the federal government need to be revealed to the buyer. This is information that must appear on apparel hang tags.

A lot is required by textile product legislators when it comes to mandatory information. To begin with, it is imperative that the garment's fiber content is displayed. This includes the name of the fiber utilized by the manufacturer, the ratio of fiber content to total fabric and the apparel's weight. This aids in making sure that the fabric material is in amounts safe for humans.

The percentage of fiber by weight is another piece of mandatory information that hang tags should display. The fabrics should be listed according to the percentage of fiber weight in descending order. Even fiber that has no effect on the general characteristics of the material must be contained.

Garment care details must also be present on the hang labels. Since this is valuable and crucial information, apparel manufacturers must weave or print it in a way or use material that can withstand any handling without fading or tearing. More importantly, care instruction must be a permanent component of the apparel, unlike any other information that can be printed on detachable hangs.

Besides necessary details, garment labels can also display voluntary information. These are the details that are not a compulsory requirement by the federal legislators. Optional information printed on apparel labels can include a product's brand name to help buyers identify their favorite brands. Also, guarantees and trademark names can be displayed although their absence is barely an issue of concern.

In many scenarios, garment hang tags come as detachable labels that bear accurate information about a particular apparel. They are attached to the garment by a string, pin, staple or plastic tag. Clothing manufacturers must invest in designs that make apparel labels attractive since labels that capture attention are labels that sell. It's, therefore, imperative to think about the kind of details you will want to place on the label and how it should be presented.

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