mardi 19 avril 2016

How To Make Clothing Labels At Home

By Charles Lee

There are special stickers that are embedded on clothes by textile companies. These stickers are usually referred to clothing labels because they contain relevant information about cloth. Most of these stickers usually have a logo of the textile company. Over the years, people have tried to mimic the process used by textile industries to make these stickers. It is possible to make yours once you follow certain simple procedures.

You will need a stencil displaying your logo, a spray paint, gloves, ribbon, iron box and some scissors. The first step include giving the equipment a custom cut. There are several laser cutting enterprises out there that specialize in custom stencil cuts. You should choose an enterprise that offers user-friendly stencil cuts. Laser cuts are usually offered both in two and three dimensions. In this case, a two-dimensional cut is suitable.

Most people prefer embedding logos on a stencil by themselves. In this case, you require a machine known as a laser cutter. This machine embeds texts and images that have been designed using graphics software onto a stencil. Ensure that you seek guidance when working with the graphics software and laser cutters.

The procedure involves spraying paint on an acrylic leaf. This procedure should commence once you have ensured that gloves, spray paints and scissors are available. Furthermore, it is wise to ensure that the spray paint does not emit thick paint because this will saturate the tool. In this case, you need to purchase a new spray paint from a hardware store. Painting should take place in a properly ventilated room. You can also decide to carry out the painting procedure outside.

The next step is to slot a ribbon piece over the stencil. You can spray over the ribbon after putting on gloves to protect your hands. Ensure that your arm moves around and maintains a constant distance when spraying on the stencil. To be precise, the distance between your hand and the equipment should be about fifteen inches. This distance ensures that spraying takes place effectively.

Another step should be undertaken with care to ensure that paint does not touch the parts of a stencil. You should position it carefully. Once you are done with spraying, you should remove the ribbon slowly by ensuring that its surface does not touch the template. Stencils can be cleaned or replaced whenever they are saturated with paint.

The ribbon needs to dry before it is cut into several pieces. This material contains a shadow copy of the logo that was embedded in a template. You can leave it outside or in a well-lit room to dry. It is also important to ensure that dust does not contaminate this material when drying because this will affect the appearance of the final product.

Choose a simple sewing machine especially because complicated machines are meant for experienced tailors. The final step is to use an iron box to fold the seam to obtain a custom colored tag. Make sure that you maintain a constant temperature when ironing to prevent the tag from burning.

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