lundi 11 avril 2016

Evolution And Treads Photo Manipulation Has Taken

By John Richardson

This is the process of changing looks, appearance and the signature of the photo. The technique uses different system and methods to achieve the preferred outcome. Making photo manipulation is considered to be dexterous while others do not require any skills at all.

After the task has been completed, the desired outcome of the snap will be used to tell lies about someone since it will show a person doing something different from the actual picture. This happens mostly when it is displayed on a public place or on a magazine. It is done by playing around with the snapshot, its background and everything present on it making them look nice or bad.

A photographic artist can change the look on a person in the picture look different creating a unique appearance hence considered art form. These experts are also able to change the signature of the picture leaving it totally different from the original one. They can also add or reduce the amount of light on a picture creating a dark or light skinned person from the machine.

This process can be done manually by adding ink and brushing it on air in a dark room or through the use of installed program in a computer. They can cut one person from a group in a picture and produce the picture of a single person at the scene. This software range from trained programs to basic programs used in casual exploitation.

The manipulation process started years ago in 19th Century when the snapshots were taken in glasses and tins. Joseph Nicephore Niepce discovered ways to do Manipulation any kind of picture after his first photograph 1825. The first picture was produce by the use of engraved plate after the introduction of Heliography.

Back in 19th Century, many people did not know the theory behind it and its production. Slowly, the art started to move from manual to digital and the people started accepting it in 20th Century.

However, the digital photography was rejected at first by the photographers having an excuse the photographs were poor quality. Early 21st Century, the digital world made a big photography stride by advancing the technology used to make those cameras. This is because the camera weight has been reduced and also the size making it possible to be curried anywhere anytime.

Politicians like making use of manipulated photos in their rallies to convince their people on the best candidate for the task ahead. They also use them as a tool to explain the reason they think they are the best to the public.

Journalist also uses this trick to attract the viewers. This can be done to show two thing which are at a distance very close or those close ones at for apart. They enlarge a person to fit the front page of the magazine hence creating a different image to the viewer. This act of changing images of a person or private property appear different can cost a journalist a lot of money if the property owner or the person on the paper sues the media.

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