samedi 6 janvier 2018

An Insight Into The Risk Involved During Reel To Reel Machine Repair Northern VA

By Dorothy Lewis

It is very important to maintain a machine so as to make it last for long period. A well-kept apparatus they are very promising, reliable and are safe. For a machine to work efficiently they need to be adjusted, replaced some parts, changing filters, removing paint layers, repairing power grind, insulating, sanding and applying fillers to prevent sudden and un expected failure. Repair should be done frequently and regularly. Skilled people should be hired when one need to repair an equipment. When refurbishing to some extent there is likelihood of some accidents to occur at that site. Some of the common risks that are likely to occur during Reel to Reel Machine Repair Northern VA are highlighted below.

First, there is the risk of falling down or objects falling on the workers. One might fall when repairing a n equipment from a tall building s or falling of objects to an individual. This might be as result of late maintenance of that building hence collapsing and causing on juries to the person who is involved. The employees may also be using a defective ladder which might break and fall while climbing on height thus causing injuries to the person using it or those around the site.

Electricity hazards may cause shock or burns. This may occur where the electric wires are not properly labelled or the cables do not have an insulator when stepped on by the people at the site. It can also be as a result of using faulty electric appliances which explode causing severe burns to those who are around

Availability of harmful substances in the working area- Some chemicals are dangerous to human health when inhaled or taken. When the individuals are exposed to such threats, they might end up having skin irritations or respiratory disorders. Some of them include irritating vapour in the surrounding atmosphere. Some poisonous liquids might also get spilled accidentally when not labelled correctly.

There also treats arising from noise that is produced. Some machines when in use cause a lot of unnecessary sounds that may make one become deaf. In this case, the person using such items should wear protective equipment and also those around the area. It causes disturbances to the neighbouring community.

Complications caused by dust particles. Workers are at high risk of losing their eyesight due to high amount of dust that is exposed to them. Most places especially in building where repair is done has a lot of dust. Those people who do not have the required protective gears in that area are likely to be affected.

Equipment used may cause physical injuries. The machines which are in motion may hurt those who are at that place. Some parts also produce high temperature that may lead to lose of senses of the nerves and musculoskeletal disorders. The radicle vibrations produced is dangerous for individuals.

Personnel in this field suffer from occupational diseases. As compared to those working in other fields, the maintenance employees are at high risk of suffering from illness related to their tasks performed. Some of them are caused by biological factors due to the presence of bacteria in the environment for example asbestos.

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