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Art Contests Guidance And Tips

By Kenneth Bennett

The following set of tips is geared towards helping creative professionals to make the most of competition opportunities. In fact art contests can be a great way to get exposure to a large audience and to sell work. Having some practical knowledge on your side is key to having a good experience when it comes to competitions.

The most important consideration when searching for contests to enter is safety and quality. All too often contestants neglect to fully check out opportunities. However it is an essential tip if you want to find the best choice for you that is both reputable and safe.

On a similar note choosing a contest that is appropriate to your work is also important. Otherwise you could be wasting your time. There are some key pointers to keep in the forefront of your mind. Look closely at sponsors, competitions, entry fees and rule. Sadly there are some irresponsible sponsors which charge fees that are unfair or excessive. This is all the more reason to take steps to protect yourself.

Assisting with this aspect it is good to know that you can find a variety of guide books on the subject. These are geared toward helping those in creative industries to make smart decisions. You may find examples available in book stores and in libraries.

To follow are just some of the possible places to learn more about art competitions for your chosen medium and genre of work. This is a partial list and part of the value of research is that it will likely lead you to new opportunities that you had not considered. Read on to get a glimpse of some of the possibilities available to you for art competitions.

One option is a newsletter that caters to an audience of artists and art professionals. As a matter of fact this type of publication is commonly used to share information about upcoming competitions. It is not uncommon to find contests for painters, mixed media artists as well as many other media.

It is also a great idea to learn more about the extensive range of online resources that are currently available. For example there are some blogs that are aimed at helping those working in the creative industries. Those that are focused on art often include listings for opportunities and contests hosted by a wide range of sponsors around the world.

A final note pertains to entry of these types of competitions. A few practical tips can help you to make the best impression on judges and juries. Be sure to read entry rules a few times to be aware of the requirements and eligibility. Not following the rules of entry is one reason that many competitors are eliminated straight away. Secondly do your best to submit high quality images of your work as these are the only means for the judges to reflect on your work. For further tips on this topic there are a host of magazines aimed at artists which provide practical guides.

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