dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Ways Of Writing Really Good Songs Of Deliverance

By Stephen Hayes

Writing songs, no matter if they are gospel or secular is never easy. Writing a melody that will be able to capture the attention of people is actually not that easy. There are so many things you have to put into consideration before you start to write. Even the greatest musicians sometimes have a difficult time composing. Below are some tips to help you in composing songs of deliverance.

The first thing is to determine where you will start writing your song. Some artists start at the beginning, and the words come naturally to them. Some come up with the lyrics and find their tune later. Others start with the chorus, which is the hook of the song and once they have it, they come up will lyrics and build the verses around the chorus. The way to start is entirely up to the writer.

A song is about the melody and the words. You need to know that the lyrics are a crucial part of the song. You have to find inspiration if you want to write really good lyrics. You have to ensure that they make perfect sense before you settle on them permanently. They do not necessarily have to rhyme, but the should not just be flat words.

Whenever you have an idea, make sure you write it down or record it before you forget it. It will be really frustrating when you are trying to remember it sometime later. This is exactly how you are bound to lose lyrics to a song that could be a really big hit. So walk around with a pen and some paper or record it off your cell phone.

Writing from your own experience will also be a big help. You can write about your joy and trauma as they are things the listeners can actually relate to. Even as you sing the song, you will be really passionate because you will have undergone such an event and known the kind of effect it may have on someone. In this case, lyrics flow so easy.

When the lyrics will not come to you should consider collaborating with another musician. Show them what you have so far, and they can help you in coming up with the rest. Working with someone else may give you new inspiration, and you will be able to write a lot of new songs for some time. This is because it will be like your eyes have been opened in a whole new dimension.

As you sit down to write, do not just be there continually without a break. You should try taking a break in like every 15 minutes especially if you are having a hard time coming up with lyrics. The break allows your mind to cool down and you are able to see the ideas more clearly. It does not matter how long it takes; the important part is the song being a success.

When you start writing give it your all and do not second guess yourself. If you start doubting if you are doing the right thing you might actually never be able to get anything done. It is better you finish writing the song and then go over it and correct it.

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