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Discovering The Iron Maidens Heavy Metal Tribute Band

By Brian Meyer

Heavy Metal is alive and well in America and beyond. Whether having a fondness for Iron Maiden or other bands of the 80s, many now have bands playing music of these hard core rockers all over the world. In the case of Iron Maiden, the Iron Maidens, an all female tribute rock band out of Los Angeles is rocking the socks off fans all over the map.

While the line-up has had several rounds of changes over the years, the current line up exist of a vocalist, a bassist, a drummer and two lead guitarists. Originally founded in 2001, most of these changes occurred between 2001 and 2003. While this is the case, there has been ongoing changes since the inception of the band to present.

In 2003 the group started working on a self titled album called The Only All Female Iron Maiden Tribute Band. While getting off to a good start, due to changes in line-up and personal issues, the album did not reach completion and release until 2005 with Aja Kim replacing Jenny Warren on vocals.

As well known guitarist Phil Campbell of Motorhead sat in on the 2nd album, sells were somewhat better than the first. At the same time, numbers and profits were to as good as the band had originally hoped. Still, the group moved forward and continued playing in the United States and abroad.

In the summer of 2008, the band went through more changes resulting in the current line up. In 2010, the group released a DVD of the Japan tour called Metal Gathering Live in Japan 2010. After which, in 2015 long-time guest guitarist Nikki Stringfield became an official member of the band. As with previous album releases, DVDs were a big hit among fans and especially with those living in Japan. While this is the case, the DVD did not sell as well in other areas.

The question still remains as to whether the group will tour domestically or internationally again in the future. While this is the case, the group does have a few shows scheduled in the United States beginning in February. Whereas, Rosenberg and Stringfield recently appeared on the music game show Beat Shazam in August of 2017.

Regardless of changes in line-up, the group has often been loved by those in the heavy metal world. As with other tribute bands such as Blue Floyd and Lez Zeppelin, the group has a following. As such, there is no doubt the band will continue to have a fan base as long as there are albums and shows. At the same time, as the band has experienced so many line-up changes, it would most likely benefit the group to keep the current line-up in tact as long as possible.

The Facebook page related to the hosts a number of photos and video clips. Whereas, there is a great deal of history along with tour dates and discussion forum. For those seeking more music by the group, there are also a number of videos on YouTube and other video sharing websites. Whether browsing through Facebook, watching a video or attending a live show, there is no doubt fans will appreciate these rockers bringing the music of Iron Maiden and other rockers back to life.

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