mercredi 3 janvier 2018

The Merits Of Participating In Painting Competition

By Stephanie Stone

Over the years, painting has manifested itself in our world. There are paintings of different things. In the previous centuries, people have used painting as a way to preserve memories. This is, of course, the camera was invented. Nowadays people paint to pass the time and even to relax their minds. The article below discusses the benefits that come with painting competition.

Competition can be of all ages starting from young to the old generation depending on the ability to participate for the competition. It has various and also similar benefits to the different age groups. In a child, for example, painting promotes brain development. The right side of the brain is used for sensitive and artistic responses while the left is for methodical development and logic. Painting happens to stimulate the use of both.

Another advantage to the kids is that it is a form of therapy. Most kids tend to spend most of their time watching television or playing games on their phones. Painting is an activity that allows them to de-stress and give them time to make their thinking capacity high. Painting tends to give them a sense of accomplishment. This goes a long way into converting their negative emotions to positive ones. They get to view things more positively.

As an adult, you can gain experience that can go a long way in helping you. This is because a competition does not last a very long time and one gets to apply the skills that they may have learned in the past. In a competition, you are not only challenged physically but also mentally. You go through brainstorming, rapid problem solving and you develop to learn in a whole new way.

Including your accomplishments in your curriculum vitae is like an added bonus. This will give you an advantage over your competition. If you are applying for a sponsorship or an acceptance into an institution of higher learning, having unique skills gives you an upper hand. The same case applies when you enter the job market.

You do not always know everyone who is participating in a competition. This means you get the chance to meet new people and interact with them. This is actually how you end up making new friends. You get to exchange ideas and share experiences too. These new friends will be of a different intellect or different geographical area, and you can increase your knowledge by learning from them.

In a competition, you get to give your skills at their best. You make sure that you have done your level best to impress the jury. The jury is usually comprised of very experienced people and skillful. They are able to point out the mistakes you may have made during the exercise. They are also able to enlighten you on how best you can improve yourself.

Most competitions offer prizes. The prize in most of the cases is some money. We all need money in order to get by in the world. In order to win the prize money, you will have to improve or even perfect your skills in order to stand a chance of winning. The better you are, the higher your chances of winning.

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