dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Basic Technique Of Sublimation Clothing

By John Harris

There are many advancements that have been made possible due to the embrace of technology in every sector. The apparel industry has evolved and fashion has transformed what people wear. Individuals want to express themselves even in the way they dress. There many different methods of printing and one of them is sublimation clothing. The discussion below will help you know what entails this kind of production.

It is important to know what it is. This is a process in which ink is made to bond with fabric as opposed to having it on top like on screen printing. The former relies on molecular bonding while the former depends on a binder to attach the decorations. The end product on the garment does not crack or fade even with regular washing. This is an ideal way to have the print for long over the life time of the wear.

You may ask, just how does the bonding occur? Well, there are various actions which are performed. A unique ink and paper are used to print the image. This is then cut off from the paper and pressed on the fabric using heat at the correct degree. The ink is then incorporated into the material making it part of it and also makes the garment have a soft feeling.

There are different materials used to manufacture various wears. Not all are suitable for this operation. The ideal choice is the polymers and polyesters. These can withstand the amount of heat used to press. Cotton and wool should not be used because they do not. However, some chemicals added to the suitable materials may interfere with their workability. Fabric with fifty percent polymer can also be used.

Products are made of very many colors. The easier to work with are plain colored attire. The image should however not contain any white pattern in it since it will not show when printed. In case of those which are not white, the particular one will show when the design is white. They may also fade if their preset temperatures are below the press heat degrees. Testing of that material is the right thing to do before acting.

There are two actions that are carried out namely spot and allover printing. The former is the most common. Spot system utilizes a desktop printer. The graphic is smaller than the size of the transfer paper. This paper is discarded once the pressing action has been completed. It is the most common system used.

Allover exercise involves covering the wear with ink from the top to bottom. It could be one side or both. The image is therefore large compared to that of above system. It is possible for you to create white prints with it. It is however expensive since equipment needed are larger.

To conclude, apparel decorations can be achieved effectively with this method. Its not applicable on everything and the best choices should be made to get the ideal graphics with the right machinery.

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