mardi 23 janvier 2018

Book The Blue Moon Band For A Great Time

By Scott Sullivan

This is a group that is based in Northern California, and have loved playing there for many years. Their popularity has spread due to their long and successful career. The Blue Moon Band is now widely hailed as the best group to book for any private event or party because of their popularity in the wine country of California.

There are so many voices contributing to the songs this group plays that it can sometimes feel like a wall of sound. Essentially every member of this group sings (when they are not playing a horn). This produces some of the most beautiful harmonies people will ever hear.

It takes a talented group of percussionists to be able to navigate flawlessly through all the different tempos and rhythmic patterns of the various styles of music this group plays. The drummers and percussionists in this group know how to keep the beat of a song going. They always have the groove of every song locked in tight.

It is hard to find a better vocalist than Shanin Sharmeon Jones. As a studio musician, she has worked on over a hundred albums as a vocalist, percussionist, and songwriter. She is also an established voice actor, and all of this experience allows her to use her voice in so many diverse ways.

In order to appeal to the widest possible audience, this group plays practically every type of music. From Motown to rock, disco to R&B, there is a little bit of everything represented. Their horn section even allows them to play some of the big band swing numbers that people love to dance to.

Anyone who has had the good fortune of stumbling upon this group when they were at a local fair or grand opening event in this area, they know firsthand how great they are as performers. There is no type of gig or situation that they cannot handle, and no audience that they can't play for. They are also known to play at corporate parties.

It is easy to contact this group to find out what their schedule of upcoming performances is, or to see if they are available to be booked. Their website has all the information necessary, and there is also a biography of each member of the group so anyone can find out more about them. It is also easy to find samples of their performances to hear and see what they're like.

There is nothing like a small, intimate gig to really see bands on a more nuanced and personal level. This group can still be booked for events like these, even though they have achieved widespread success. Their shows have taken them to all kinds of big venues in front of enormous audiences.

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