dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Teaching, Composing And Directing With Music Pedagogy Methods

By Carolyn Wood

When desiring to instruct or teach piano or voice lessons, individuals will need to know Music Pedagogy Methods. For, a degree in this area can provide individuals for a number of related careers. As such, whether desiring to teach in a classroom or direct a symphony, this can often be a good educational path. After which, the individual will have a number of options when it comes to developing a career.

Theory focuses on the history, music and musicians of a specific period I time. Whereas, Music Pedagogy is the study of the practices and principles associated with teaching. In most cases, those holding a degree in this area basically teach others how to teach. If individuals are interested in learning about this or other aspects of music, there are class and program listings on sites such as Study dot com and others.

Before approaching a Masters or Doctorate in this area, undergraduates need select a related major or minor. Some of these include history of music, theory, performance and composition. After which, students can often opt to get an advanced degree in Music Pedagogy or become a Dr. Of Musical Arts in Voice or Piano Pedagogy.

Most often, programs or degree plans in this area are focused on instrument, often being piano or voice, literature, composition and theory. When it comes to literature, most often individuals learn how to read different musical compositions and formats. Whereas, those looking to acquire a Doctorate degree often take courses which are associated with teaching and instruction.

Degrees in this area include a Bachelor's of Arts, Doctor of Musical Arts or Masters in Musical Education. In all cases, these degrees allow individuals the right to teach and instruct at the community college and private instruction level. Whereas, if one plans on teaching others, then a Doctorate degree is often a requirement.

As learning and instruction in this regard is hands-on, students are often required to attend classes on campus. While this is the case, there may be some subjects in which coursework towards a degree can be completed online. If and when this is the case, it is important to discuss the option with an advisor to assure that all credits acquired will work towards the total required for graduation.

There are a number of areas in which an individual with a Master's in the area can become employed. These include working as a community college teacher or private instructor. Whereas, those with a Doctorate can often work with students to prepare the individuals in the art of directing and composing. In most cases, those taking jobs related to direction and composition are going to receive the most income.

Currently, the median wage for those teaching in community colleges and private instruction is approximately $35,000 per year. Whereas, individuals working to teach others how to compose, direct, perform and teach is often closer to $50,000. In either case, individuals often need a great deal of talent as well as a degree when desiring to start a career in this area.

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