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A great new Celebrity Guessing Game is on the Horizon!

By Charlie Sagar

Keeping an eye fixed on what the stars are up to is a favorite pastime of so many folk. Whether you read celebrity magazines, copy mega star styles or follow your fave celebrities on Twitter, star-watching is a good way of passing the time for some people. Now, thanks to some extraordinarily creative folk out there you can do lots more than merely admire the celebs from a distance and that is getting them concerned in your games!

No matter if you've got a little bunch of folks with you, a big group at a party or if you're on your own you can still keep having fun and play celebrity games.

Games for One

If you do not have anyone around but you continue to want to keep yourself entertained, then you can still play famous-person themed games where you can guess the celebrity.

A great way of increasing your knowledge of today's A-listers and also displaying your celeb information to your buddies, there are plenty of programs and online games where you can guess the celebrity and have loads of fun. Some games will show you pictures of different celebs and you will need to decide who they may be from a short list of names below the picture, or you could have to interpret their names from the anagram below it. Whichever game you pick where you guess the celebrity, ensure that it has an easy to use interface and , the option to play online with buddies in order that you can show off your celeb-spotting skills.

Games for a Group

Parties are the ultimate place to play games, and what's better way to get everybody involved than with a quick game of "Celebrity". All you need are some post-it notes or some plain stickers. You can then place a name of different celebs on the stickers and then hand them out to each of your visitors - make sure that it is kept secret. Each person wishes to then fastidiously place the sticker on their forehead.

You can sit in a circle and go from one individual to the next posing questions where the answer can only really be "Yes" or "No". If the person asks a question where the answer is "yes", they get to ask another and the like.

For instance, if one guest had Brad Pitt on their sticker, they could ask:

"Am I male?" - guests would answer "yes" and then she or he could ask another query like "Am I married?" - guests can answer yes again. If the subsequent question is "Am I a politician?" then the answer would naturally be "no" and the following person in the circle gets a turn. The whole notion of this game is to gather info regarding the celebrity that you are through the process of elimination. The first person to guess their celebrity is the winner and can remove their sticker. They can however still continue to play by answering other participant's questions.

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