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Phoenix Top Concert Venues to Visit

By Charles Kruse

Phoenix holds a variety of attraction sites and hot spots that attract many millions of people annually to this US state. Combining rich culture and historic landmarks with a modernistic twist and recent facilities, saying the state is a good place to go to is a gross understatement. So if you were visiting Phoenix and just given a day to enjoy its ambiance and setting, where would you go? One of the common answers to this query is at Phoenix concert locales. These are some of many concert venues in Phoenix that are profitable seeing and enjoying.

Comerica Theatre

Previously called the Dodge Theatre, this sizeable and prominent indoor concert hall and arena is among the most widely used concert venues in Phoenix. With a seating capacity of up to 5,500 folk, Comerica Theatre plays host to diverse shows and musical performances every year. In addition, this concert location is extensively utilized for big sporting competitions, including boxing. In fact , during 2010, it was employed to host the WWE Hall-Of-Fame Induction Rite.

Arizona Broadway Theatre

Another one of the famous Phoenix concert places is Arizona Broadway Theatre. Opened last 2006, the venue hosts both local and countrywide performances and actors working for both resident and guest directors. Arizona Broadway Theatre is categorized as a dinner theater, whereby patrons eat and watch the show bar-style. The theater also works alongside educational, children's and outreach programs each year. The Arizona Broadway Theatre's facility is sizeable, modernistic in design and style and is a stand-alone building with lots of complimentary parking and satisfactory quantity of parking spots for handicapped guests.

Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavillion

Known way back as the Cricket Wireless Pavilion, Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavilion is classified as an outside amphitheater. The facility homes up to 8,000 reserved seating spaces under a Pavilion roof. Outside, around 12,000 more visitors and watchers can enjoy concerts and events. The hillside grass area is tailored to accommodate great viewing experience joined with large video screens for vivid and real-time viewing.

Barleens Arizona Opry Dinner Theatre

Found inside Old West Highway, Barleens ' Arizona Opry Dinner Theatre offers variety entertainment at the pinnacle. The facility is commonly known as the home of the state's delightful family music entertainment and boasts great entertainment, funny escapades, great food and just a absolutely good and enjoyable time whether you are with family or buddies. The establishment can accommodate up to 70 guests and offers a complimentary bar and a present shop on the side of the facility for interested customers.

Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre

Opened up during 2001, the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre is located in a major metropolitan site wherein locales for concerts, plays, musicals, dance performances and performing humanities are found just about in each community. Nonetheless the facility offers a distinct and better alternative choice to the standard common theater event centers and venues. Tickets provided are both for the show and the meal for the evening, as the name indicates. There are up to 75 seating spaces available, which are made for high-street world-class theater-style seating and are Show Only seats which are made to be slightly raised.

After this list, be sure to stop by and get to know some of the incredible concert venues in Phoenix.

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