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Kid Art: Projects They Will Love To Create

By Kate Halfey

Keeping your children busy when school is out can be a big challenge. If you can find activities that are fun, creative and educational, you are way ahead of the game. For elementary school aged children, art is almost always a big hit, so the next time you are planning a summer or rainy day activity, consider some of the following artistic suggestions.

Using a specific artist as a springboard is an excellent way to expand your children's knowledge of different artists. Some fun examples might be copying the style of a Jackson Pollack painting, a Joan Miro painting or a Kandinsky painting. Kandinsky's masterpiece Color of Squares would make an excellent project for children. This could be a project for one child or many, and all you would need to do is cut out 64 squares, all of the same size. Children will color each square similar to the way Kandinsky did and then it will end up pasted on a large piece of paper to form an amazing collage. A fun lead-in activity would be to grab a book featuring Kandinsky's art from the library to show how the artist's style changed throughout his life.

If you visit a museum or check out a great art book from the library, you might find a particular painting or artist that truly speaks to the sensibilities of your child. While some of these artists can be fairly easy to mimic, others are more difficult. For example, impressionist works such as Sunday in the Park by Georges Seurat or Starry Night by Van Gogh can be tricky styles to copy.

There are some cool PDFs that you can purchase and download from the internet that make it easy. These PDFs are separated into different squares, and each square features a section of the painting. Children simply follow the coloring directions on each square and once it is down, you paste down each square like a puzzle onto a canvas or larger piece of paper. There are PDFs available from sites such as that feature many different artists and styles of art, as well as themed art for holidays and observances. These inexpensive PDFs are simply downloaded and printed from your computer and then you are ready to create.

Instead of using the typical crayons, markers and tempera paint, expose your children to other types of mediums when you create art. For example, oil pastels provide a look similar to oil paints, but are almost as easy to use as crayons. Chalk drawings are another fun option, and most children love to use chalk. Spraying the finished work with hairspray or an art fixative can preserve these works of art for a long time.

There are many fun ways to create art using interesting objects such as beans or perhaps different colors, sizes and shapes of pasta. Cereal and legumes also come in many interesting colors and textures, so consider using these items to create an amazing work of art. If you have a bunch of colorful scrap paper, encourage your kids to complete a collage using tear art. You can print out an outline picture or PDF from the internet and have them fill in the lines with bits of paper or have them create a piece of art from scratch.

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