mardi 14 mai 2013

Museums in Memphis Offer Something to Everyone

By Garry Kalona

There could be over a dozen Memphis museums, and each one offers something 100% unique to visitors. In a city famous for its contributions to music culture, visitors could be surprised at the vast quantity of history and culture contained in the city of Memphis. Whether looking for music, natural history, art or dinosaurs, Memphis museums are a wonderful place for residents and travellers alike to spend a great and educational days.

Pink Palace Museum

Made from pink Georgia marble, this mansion is amongst the largest museums of its sort in the American southeast. Exhibits showcase natural and local history in addition to having an IMAX theater and a planetarium with light shows. The Pink Palace also has several touring exhibits, so there's often something new to see. Some examples of traveling exhibits in the past have included sea monsters and dinosaurs exhibits, as well as "Inside Africa", an exhibit showcasing the wildlife and culture of the African continent. Overall, this is undoubtedly one of the most diverse museums in Memphis.

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

Featuring a consistently rotating selection of permanent and traveling art displays, the offerings at Brooks Museum of Art change constantly. From artifacts and paintings and sculptures, there's a great range of things to admire here, and the museum constantly offers special events and tours. Seniors get reduced-price admission, and affordable memberships are available, making this a wonderful place for older Memphis residents to enjoy some quiet relaxation and admire pretty art. On Wednesdays, visitors can even set their own entrance costs.

National Civil Rights Museum

This museum in Memphis is housed in the significant Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King, Jr. Was murdered. The exhibits show the development of the civil rights movement in The USA, starting with slavery and stopping in the 20th century. Displaying photographs, paper clippings and models, this is a historical experience.

Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum

Memphis is considered by many to be the birthplace of both rock and soul music, and this museum showcases Memphis' vibrant musical history. With exhibits covering music history from the 1930s through to today, there's plenty to see here. Audio tours are self-guided and include 300 minutes of information about seven different galleries. The Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum also offers reduced-price entry to kids, and the affordable pricing makes it a great destination for young people and music fans of all ages.

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