dimanche 26 mai 2013

How to have a Fun Commute to work!

By Kealey Smith

Everyone sees the daily commute as something extremely uninteresting, but there are so many ways you can boost your commute that there is no need to fret about the length of the journey any longer. All you really need is numerous things to distract yourself. Download an entertaining app where you can guess the celebrity, read a classic novel or perhaps get some work done - there are a great many tactics to have a laugh.


Before you go off and leave the house, add all of your fave albums to your MP3 player. On your walk to the train station, or in your auto you are going to adore having some much loved tunes playing in your ear or on your automobile sound system. Perhaps even set up a playlist full of uplifing songs for the day that can get you inspired on the way to work or tunes that can help you unwind on the journey home.


Start reading - it's great for increasing your vocabulary and is additionally a great conversation starter with other book lovers. If carrying heavy books around doesn't appeal to you, invest in a tablet or a Kindle which is light and permits you to carry lots of different sorts of book around to suit whatever mood you are in.


Whether it's having fun with a Sudoku book or playing game programmes on your phone, there are lots of entertaining games and puzzles you can do on your commute from and to work. They're superb for distracting you from the nerve wracking day ahead and can also help you relax on the journey home. Play classic games like Solitaire, or try other ones where you can sketch pictures or guess the celebrity for a bit of breezy fun.


Catch up on your mails, text your mates or perhaps talk with the individual next to you (this could be a scary concept if you are a London commuter). It passes the time and can truly make your commute more fun - most importantly it suggests you can catch up with those folks you have not spoken to in a while. If you're calling though, try not to be one of those individuals that has such a loud phone conversation the whole train carriage can hear!


If you adore your job, doing more work on your commute can really make it more fun! After you have sat down on your train it's easy to get out your tablet, notebook or tablet and start typing up the minutes of the meeting you've been in, entering data, emailing comrades or whatever else. OK, so the work itself may not be fun but if you can manage somehow to be more profitable on your journey from and to work, then you may have a lot more time for having a great time with your family at home.

Social Networks

A great way of murdering a little time (and naturally having a great time) is to get Facebook or Twitter up on your telephone or other handheld device and flick through your friends posts and tweets. You never can say, you could discover a stream of extraordinarily entertaining tweets which will keep you giggling all of the way to work!

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