mardi 21 mai 2013

How To Become A Consulting Toxicology Professional

By Vicki Diaz

Toxicology is a mix of several subjects relating to toxic and non-toxic chemicals. A toxicologist, who may work at a consulting toxicology company, will have to have knowledge of medicine and biology. Chemistry plays a role in the work as well. A few years of studying will be necessary before the individual is capable of analyzing the effects of chemicals on living organisms. The toxicologist will research treatments and symptoms, and will be investigating chemicals that could cause poisoning.

Chemicals are sometimes only dangerous if a certain amount is ingested, or encountered in other ways, and it is the job of the toxicologist to determine how much of the substance must be taken before a harmful reaction is caused. He will supervise experiments. Certain toxicologists will deal with environmental circumstances, such as pollution, while others will handle pharmaceutical drugs to determine their effect in humans.

Individuals interested in toxicology may end up in specific fields of the industry, for example, as a forensic or aquatic toxicologist. Both will perform similar tasks, but will work in different environments. Waste and toxicity of water, and marine life, will be the main concern of an aquatic toxicologist.

The higher level of education required for this career is a Masters Degree in Toxicology. The student may also study biochemistry, and his subjects could be similar to physics, public relations, biology, calculus and studies relating to the environment. After a Master's has been obtained, the student may also be required to pass a Doctorate Degree.

In order to efficiently learn the duties of a toxicologist, a student will need hands-on experience. Experience is usually obtained from work-study programs or internship courses. First-hand experience of toxicology procedures will help the student to secure his ideal job opportunity. It is also advantageous for aspiring toxicologists and toxicologists who are already in the field, to stay abreast of the latest technology and to continue their studies.

Since that the state of the environment is a growing concern, and that humans will always need advanced medical experimentation, toxicologist positions will often be available. Twenty percent more positions in the field of medical science will be open in the years leading up to 2016. It is a fast-growing profession.

Toxicologists with experience may have a good chance of finding a job, and may take the place of those who plan to retire, or leave their position for other reasons. In 2009, it was recorded that an average salary for a toxicologist will start at about $55,000, and will rise to about $82,000. Some are paid even more as they are experts in their industry.

This career choice is recommended for persons who want involvement in analyzing data, conducting experiments and the comprehension of toxic chemicals/materials. A person in toxicology should be well coordinated, patient and determined, and should work well with a team. They should also be able to work independently.

It is not wise to be in a consulting toxicology firm if you dislike maths or science, as these are two important aspects of the job. Those who do choose the career, should find it fulfilling. It is quite rewarding to be part of a team that works to make the world a safer place.

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