dimanche 19 mai 2013

What Is Prenuptial Photography?

By Justine Hall

While marriage is the start of the lives of the bride and groom as one, their wedding day is the finale of months of preparation. Every engaged couple knows that regardless of how simply or magnificently they celebrate their wedding, it's the product of a meticulous planning, which includes a pre-wedding photo session wherein the couple get together and smile in front of the camera weeks or months before their wedding date.

Others may think that it is only a craze, but pre-wedding photography has been around for a long time. Even our parents and grandparents had a pre-wedding photo shoot. However, it is just during the recent years that it has increased in popularity. An increasing number of engaged Singapore couples choose to pose together for the camera prior to their wedding these days, perhaps because they've seen the wisdom of doing so.

Prenuptial shoots are for the photographer as much as they're for the couple. It's the couple's chance to get to know the person who will shoot the pictures on their wedding day, and it's the photographer's moment to understand what their clients wish. Some wedding photos look awkward because the subjects get shy and uncomfortable before the camera. Pre-wedding shoots are the perfect opportunity to get rid of the uneasiness.

The photo shoot is also held in a stress-free environment, which allows the couple and the photographer to become comfortable with each other and take natural-looking pictures. As the photographer takes the time to become familiar with what the couple prefers, the couple would understand how the photographer works, which will allow for a more comfortable working relationship.

Also, it is fun to take prenuptial images because they usually have playful themes depending on the vision of the photographer and the idea of the clients. They may even include storylines and costumes. These photo shoots allow couples to have a good time, be flirty, and get creative before the camera. The photos would most likely capture fun shots if they are having fun in the photo shoot.

Some people think they are one and the same, but Singapore pre-wedding shoots are different from Singapore bridal wedding photos. Prenuptial photo shoots include the bride and the groom together, and are shot before the big day. Bridal photo photo shoots, however, only involve the bride, and are usually captured on the wedding day itself. For clients who like a pre-wedding wedding shoot, they don't have to worry about a separate photo shoot charge anymore as most Singapore photographers already include prenuptial photos in their packages.

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