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Know The Different Types Of Bridal Shows So You Find The Perfect Bridal Gown For You

By Robert Hawkins

Over the past 28 years I have grown up attending every different type of bridal show there is. Actually, I attended my first bridal show when I was less than one year old; even to this day BobHawkins.com still exhibits at no less than six bridal shows a year.

Because I have seen every trick in the book, I am writing this article to let couples know what to expect at a bridal show. What I have to write may upset some vendors because I am revealing information that they don't really want couples to know, but I believe that the information I am providing here will help couples make informed decisions about their most important event in their lives.

Think about the different types of bridal shows that you would like to attend. If you want to go to a bridal fair or bridal expo then you will find these kind of show are typically larger in scale. They offer the bride-to-be a wealth of possible wedding events, wedding professionals, products and services, including Toronto DJ companies and pastoral services. The largest bridal show is held twice a year in Las Vegas and is known as The Bridal Spectacular. This is a very high quality event with a great reputation and usually offers about 150 vendors or more for you to meet with.

Although there are many categories of bridal shows there are two different types that define the industry. These are regional and area bridal shows. Regional shows are almost always bigger with many more vendors and a larger venue to attend. They encompass a wider geographic region as well. Usually a metropolitan area will include the surrounding towns and offer products and services from everywhere in between. For event lighting, to invitations to Toronto DJ companies.

Area Bridal Shows

First of all, an area bridal show is more common than a regional bridal show, as these shows focus on vendors located in or near a certain town or within a certain distance from where the bridal show is taking place. These shows usually take place in a banquet hall, or at a golf course. The cost to attend such shows can range from zero to about $6.00. I recommend that couples visit at least one of these shows to see what vendors are located in the neighborhood of your reception. Vendors at such shows are likely to be familiar with your venue; also, they are unlikely to charge traveling fees.

An important aspect for you to understand it that at all of these shows you will be asked to fill out a registration card. The information you fill out will be shared and looked at by all the vendors. Wedding services are very personal and it's a competitive industry and the vendors want to make sure they can provide you with special service.

Regional Shows

Regional shows are usually only held twice a year at the busiest of times. They take much longer to organize and are much more expensive to put on. They will offer a wide variety of services and products and have a number of different companies for each service and product. There will be a number of Toronto DJ companies, several gift supply chains and even wine and liquor stores to give you an idea of what kind of drinks you could offer at your reception.

The regional bridal shows will usually cost more to get in and go through the weekend, Friday through Sunday. They will usually charge a fee to get into the venue that will go up to about $25. However, this price will include much more than you will ever find at an area show. Vendors with services and products you may not be aware of will be in attendance. This may be overwhelming while at the same time providing a lot of inspiration. If you are not afraid of choice then attend a regional bridal show for the most variety.

Keep in mind too, that when a vendor offers a free trial that free is not always free. Often times you will have to buy something or give them a trial run before they follow through on their offer of a free gift or service.

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