jeudi 3 octobre 2013

Can You Boost Your Water Park Business With A Robo Surfer?

By Marvin Nolte

Water Parks have been around for a long time. They are a fun place to take the kids for an afternoon. You will probably have a good time yourself. Slip and slide, bounce and ride, take a few pictures and before you know it, it is time to go.

However, with the state of the economy, although people still go to water parks, they don't go as often as they have used to because of tight budgets. Most people are cutting on costs and many times these cuts come out of the recreation budget. Many times, admission to the water park just isn't in the picture. Hence, the water park business has to do something drastic to create a change.

With a new entertainment item, a water park business can be one of the fast-rising businesses despite the economic conditions. Introducing, the Robo Surfer! This is a great and brand new way to increase profitability. What is a Robo Surfer? It is basically a surf machine that provides the riders a "feel" of what it is to be tossed to and from by raging waves.

The Robo Surfer does not use water at all but the experience is exhilarating. The inflatable appears to look like a wave. There are various kinds of Robo Surfers. The standard Robo Surfer has a low wave look at the back of the rider. The Deluxe model on the other hand has a nine-foot to a thirteen-foot back wave. Another variant is the two-rider model. This type of Robo surfer enable riders to surf side by side.

The Robo Surfer is attached to the inflatable, which ensures safety among the riders. It is a fun ride for kids and adults alike without having to worry about falling on a hard surface and the operator is responsible in controlling the ride. For young riders, the operator can maneuver it to suit to their capabilities. For the more adventurous, the operator can adjust the speed, giving experienced riders the time of their lives!

The Robo Surfer is so convenient to use because it is portable and no water is needed. One can just bring it from one place to another. Robo Surfers are great items to help your Water Park business grow. They are also very easy to assemble and disassemble, making it a great choice for Water Park owners to use. The trick is...if the customers aren't coming to the park...then take the park attractions to them!

The Robo Surfer is a helpful tool in driving some profit into your Water Park business. It can be easily installed whether outdoors or even indoors. One can set it up in a Mall or outside, perhaps at the mall's parking lot. A Robo Surfer can definitely make a big difference in your business.

To increase your profit you can add a sno cone, popcorn, or cotton candy machine to your setup. You can even add all three. Offer a free pass to your Water Park for the person who can ride for a predetermined time. This will increase rides and profits.

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