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Learning The Tarot Basic First Steps

By Olivia Rostigus

Learning to read the Tarot is easier than you think. People tend to make it much more difficult than it really is. It really is not hard to learn to read the Tarot. The more consistent time you spend at learning to do psychic tarot readings, the sooner it will become automatic. You didn't learn to tie your shoes overnight and it is much the same when learning how to read the Tarot. Be easy on yourself when taking on a project like this.

Learning most anything takes time. It is best to put in a few hours each week until you have built a foundation. The basics in learning the Tarot are not hard to learn. If you have ever played an instrument, the more you play the better you sound. The same goes for learning the Tarot; the more you practice, the better you will feel about the process. It is important for you to set aside time each week so you can build your skills as you go.

A good standard and very basic Tarot deck is the Rider Waite deck of cards. They are fairly simple to learn and the pictures are plain enough that you can easily figure out what they are trying to say. The simple decks, like the one just mentioned, are far easier to learn with. Wait until you have the basics down before trying other decks because they can be confusing until you are very familiar with a simpler version.

I really recommend getting a good book like Idiot's Guide To Tarot. The people who wrote it did a great job and really simplified what are the most important things to focus on for the beginner. Not only do they have a great sense of humor, but they are masters at breaking down what you need to know at first. They make it interesting while you are learning and take the fear out of an otherwise complicated task.

Internet books stores are the most efficient way of purchasing a guide book and a new deck of cards. A used deck is not worth buying as they can be difficult to work with for two reasons. One, they can stick together and two, they have other people's energy in them. You want a new deck to be clean, clear of other's energy, crisp and easy to shuffle. They tend to be large and learning how to shuffle them efficiently can take practice if you are not used to it. Used books are fine to purchase. I've seen them as low as $2. New decks run anywhere from five to thirty dollars.

There are many layouts or spreads out there, but the basic Celtic Cross is the most common and widely practiced when doing readings. Once you have mastered the Celtic Cross, you can move on to the more complicated spreads.

When beginning, to get a large piece of paper to write down the positions where you will be laying the cards. A large piece of 18x24 inch paper can be purchased at any arts and crafts store. I recommend this because at first, you may want to draw each of the 10 positions and meanings until you have them memorized. You could also use 4 pieces of computer paper taped together.

For this next step, I suggest using your guide book. It will be very useful to you when you have a visual right in front of you to begin memorizing each of the card positions. Most decks also come with a small book and some basic layouts for you to begin the learning phase. But, ultimately, a good guide book will become your bible while you are in the learning phase of your new venture. A good guide book, like the Idiot series, which has a Tarot guide book, is your most important tool in the beginning. Once you feel you know each position in the Celtic Cross, you are ready to discard your paper.

Keep your first practice sessions to thirty minutes or less. That is about all the brain can efficiently absorb at one sitting. Any longer, and you may find yourself frustrated. Just make sure that before you move on, that you really know the meanings of the positions you will be using to lay your cards out.

Be gentle with yourself and make sure you just go at a slow, steady pace when learning. This is a process like learning anything that has lots of information to it. There are lots of cards to memorize. Seventy eight Tarot cards also have reversed meanings which means you have 156 explanations to deal with. You cannot memorize these over night.

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