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Miniature Flowers In The Gardening World

By Rhea Solomon

When you think of miniature flowers you may conjure up images of tiny little roses or daises but that is a very minor part of the miniature world. There are numerous species to choose from and within each species there are sub-cultures that add a world of variety to consider. A few of the more common varieties include irises, geraniums, foxgloves, lace cap hydrangeas and rhododendrons. All of these are flowering varieties. There are also non-flowering shrubs that work well for ground cover.

Roses bloom easier and with more abundance than other plants. That serves to make them one of the most popular species. They come in a variety of forms including climbers, trailers and specimen plants. Most people keep them in pots on the patio or deck but they can survive in the house with the proper lighting and care.

The more exotic types of miniatures are impatiens from Hawaii which have tiny red blossoms edged with orange. Carpet violets have shiny leaves and produce abundant small white blooms. Small blooming cyclamens set up well in concert with Irish moss or perhaps a mount atlas daisy that has fern like foliage and daisy like flowers for a tiny fairy garden.

A different area of mini plants contains the dwarf plants. They can be irises, gardenias, snapdragons or cosmos to name just a few. These plants are smaller than normal due to root growth restriction and serious pruning and at times by genetics to reduce their size. They are generally less than two feet tall and have all the beauty of their full sized cousins.

Micro-miniatures are the smallest of the group. Their blossoms will be less than one inch in size. Rose varieties of micro size are bambino, with vibrant orange blossoms or chasin' rainbows with yellow petals edged in red.

The care of mini gardens is much the same as any garden. The same pests and diseases can appear and should be treated accordingly. Organic pesticides, such as diatomaceous earth are recommended for most situations. Roses are treated with the same solutions you would use on a standard sized plant but in lesser amounts.

For those of us who do not have green thumbs there are numerous ways to still enjoy the world of the mini-floral culture. Artificial plants and blossoms are available to fill our vases and baskets. They can be made of fine silk, cold set clay, glass or plastic beads, or even cookie dough and frosting. The availability of these artificial blooms is enormous. They can be used in the same way as growing plants as well as for finishing touches for doll houses or inside gardens for your home.

It is easy to see how miniature flowers have become so popular in recent years. With homes, apartments, and condos having such limited space for gardening a smaller garden becomes the norm. People who have a whimsical nature can build fairy gardens that allow them to let go of any stress they may have. Doll house and train collectors use the mini plants to finish the appearance of reality.

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