mercredi 23 octobre 2013

More Than Just Bounce Houses, Circus Time Offers Awesome Entertainment To One And All

By Sarah Rose Dublin

Bounce Houses make up bounces and inflatables. Other than that, there are more to it which largely becomes part of the inflatable family like the bouncy castles, moonwalks and all the numerous bouncers available including everything else that provide fun and entertainment. With Circus Time Amusements, there is definitely more than just bounce houses and bouncers. With Circus Time's extensive experience in the world of providing fun and entertainment, no doubt, all its entertainment items and amusement equipment spell out an awesome fun for one and all!

Now, there is more to just bounce houses and combo bounces but the list can go on with mechanical rides, interactive games, obstacle courses, slides, kiddie corner, water fun, carnival games, photo booths, arcade games, novelty arts and crafts and even attention getters like flyguys and flytubes!

With over 25 years of experience as it started in 1986, Circus Time Amusements has garnered the reputation of becoming the provider of fun and entertainment, in fact, making it the biggest service amusement rental companies of its level in the Tri-State area.

With its wide selection and combo bounces and bouncers to select, there is no question that every inflatable has a special quality and feature that only Circus Time is made popular with among its customers and even potential clients. There is so much fun in choosing its myriad of bounce houses and combos that are distinctly shaped with numerous sizes and themes, including a selection of amusement rides and interactive games that would surely keep kids raving over it!

Have you tried bouncing so hard on a belly of a bear as you cringe in excitement or probably get perplexed by the appearance of the T-Rex as you experience a wild time at the Jurassic Adventure Moon Bounce?

What about bouncing and jumping inside the Super Bounce with 12 kids hopping along with you? The Super Bounce is the most spacious and the most sought- after bounce by Circus Time making such a great bounce for huge crowds such a blast! The Super Dome has many colors and hues along with clear wide windows, one of the crowd's favorite among all the rest!

What are the bounce house choices, these are: Buccaneer Pirate Ship, Carousel Bouncer, Castle Bouncer, Clown Bounce, Disney Bounce Playhouse, Fire Truck Bouncer, Fun House Combo, Jungle Bouncer, Kids Coral, Moon Bounce, Pirate Bounce, Princess Bounce, Rocket Bounce and Sea bounce.

Circus Time also offers the more fun and exciting inflatable slides; for those who want to get wet while sliding, there are water slides available like the Big Kahuna, Captain Hook's Water Slide, Niagara Water Slide, Lava Rush Water Slide and a lot more!

For those who just want to experience exhilarating rides, Circus Time has loads of rides ranging from Airwolf helicopter ride, Berry-Go-Round, Carousel Ride, Fire Engine Ride and the Ferries Wheel. You can opt to go extreme and try to defy gravity with the Eurobungy! Take flight and sore up to 25 feet in the air and experience a "high" that you have never felt before. Take your breath away as you ride on a Mechanical Bull, it is as good as riding the real thing with those spins and bucks that keep you clamoring for more.

Circus Time brings all the fun and entertainment you can ask for within 25 great years. In fact, even more than you can ever ask because it has always something new to offer with "Captain Fun" as the provider of it all, making Circus Time the most reputable amusement, recreation and entertainment company!

Circus Time's has a professional service that starts even from delivery, down to the setting up and up to the coordination and monitoring, with highly trained personned with RCMT (Recognized Certified Maintenance Technician) license to boast of, issued by the State of New Jersey.

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