jeudi 24 octobre 2013

Spreading The Good News Of Cannabis Through The Grow Jamaica Movie

By Elena McDowell

The Grow Jamaica movie was inspired by a book with a similar title written by Leeroy Campbell and Janice Campbell. The front cover of the text sums up the authors' perspective on cannabis with four words, food, fuel, fiber and medicine encapsulating the plant's many uses. As with the book, the film extols the many benefits of a plant widely known as marijuana and proposes its formal and legal acceptance in Jamaican society.

A film cannot exist without a cast and this one is no exception to this rule. A dynamic cast helps to spread the message which is essentially the value of marijuana. One of the authors of the text Leeroy Campbell is among the cast. He is joined by Oliver Samuels, a star player in Jamaica's acting industry and Stephen Marley a reggae star and actor who himself hails from fame with a Robert Nesta Marley (or Bob Marley) for a father.

There is a wider campaign geared at raising awareness of the good things that can come from the plant. This campaign includes web promotion, musical promotion and written essays and texts. The film is one aspect of this broader campaign. It is an important phase though since it appeals to a wide variety of viewers in an age of viewing.

The use of Marijuana, which is known as cannabis and for the local Jamaican population, herb, is not legal on the island. This is typically a shocking revelation for many outsiders who have come to associate the island with smoking the controversial plant. There is a group of advocates however, who are encouraging the island's legislators to decriminalize its use.

The makeup of the film is as diverse as the campaign itself. It is essentially and entertaining and informative documentary. There are varying types of interviews with interviewees ranging from laymen to scientific and social experts and even economists. This is complimented by an infusion of humor as the interviewees share their views.

The duration of the documentary is one hour. It is also available in DVD format for those who wish to watch it at their leisure. This is good for anyone who would want to show it at a group meeting or marijuana promoting event. It may also be used for its educational value.

The entertaining and informative documentary is designed to change the island's, and by extension the world's view of marijuana. This is the dream envisioned by Dr. Campbell as the revolution. This change of legal and social stance on the plant is expected to result in its widespread and uninhibited use by Jamaicans of all classes.

There is no doubt that the Grow Jamaica movie has the potential to positively influence the marijuana legalization campaign. The message that it conveys is bound to captivate even the most unwilling viewer. This is due to the fact that the producers take a holistic and multifaceted approach to the topic.

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