mardi 29 octobre 2013

Get A Great Amp From Acoustic Image

By Marsha Klein

Acoustic Image design and manufacture innovative products for musicians. Every item is made by hand and very lightweight, offering a very clean sound. They always seek out ways to produce amplifiers that provide musicians with the very best results.

Adjustments they make to the woofers in their amplifiers mean they can reach very loud volumes. They produce sound in all directions so that bands can be more easily heard when playing live. They design the amplifiers in a way that makes them smaller. They do not have cooling fans so they weigh a lot less than a typical solid state amp.

The innovative designs also mean that the amplifiers are lightweight because they do not have weighty power transformers. The products are strong too. They are fully tested to make sure there are no weaknesses in the design. This is important because they need to be able to endure the challenges of being on the road. Products which have been mass produced tend to be flimsier.

If you purchase any of their goods and there is a problem, they will fix or replace it without charge for five years. After that period, they will continue to repair the item for free regardless of whether you are the first owner of the twentieth. However, there are some caveats to that. If the product has been interfered with, treated badly or been worked on by another company, then they will not fix it for free.

If your amplifier is old and they no longer have the spare parts to repair it, then they will happily exchange the old product for a new one. Then they strip the old one for parts and re-use them. There is no limit on the warranty that they offer, it lasts for how ever long you own the product for.

Before selecting a product to buy, there are a few issues you might want to consider. Whether you get a one channel amp or two channel can make a big difference. Two channels offer more options because you can run two instruments through it as oppose to only one, or a voice and an instrument,

You'll need to think about how much bass you want in your sound. Many violinists, cellists and guitarists favour less bass. Bass players and pianists however, often want more. All items offered by Acoustic Image have the capability of extending their bass levels. If you want greater intensity in your output, then you may increase the bass levels. Many amps have the option of increasing their volume levels as well, which means that you can make a louder sound without there being any deterioration in quality.

Many famous musicians and people in the media have made very positive comments about the work of Acoustic Image. Some praised them for the clarity of their sound, while others have gone further and said that they are the best in the market. A lot of people find it hard to believe how powerful their amps can be, considering they are small and lightweight. Jazz musicians have been very positive about Acoustic Image.

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