lundi 14 octobre 2013

Many Dog Enthusiasts Choose White German Shepherds For Sale

By Megan Landry

White German Shepherds are striking animals that possess many of the same traits and characteristics of their traditional counterparts. They enjoy physical activity, are loyal protectors of their families, and show a great deal of affection to their owners. Although most registries do not recognize white as a traditional German Shepherd color, this breed is loved by many individuals throughout the world, and fortunately, White German Shepherds for sale are not difficult to find.

It was in Europe where the breed was first developed. Canine experts believe that it is a combination of traditional Shepherds and canines that came from a bloodline in which a recessive white gene was found. Boasting unique and beautiful coats, this breed is appealing to numerous dog enthusiasts.

Dogs of this type are not allowed in competitions where breed confirmation is a mandate. However, as a pet, they are loving and loyal. Additionally, fans of White Shepherds have formed their own club with the objective of improving breeding programs. The club holds its own competitions and shows, which makes many pet owners happy, as it gives them an opportunity to show their dogs.

Shepherds in the aforementioned category are good protectors, trackers, and watchdogs. Because they have muscular, athletic bills, they also perform well in sports. Dogs of this type are often seen on ranches or cattle farms, as they are natural herders. Due to their high energy, it is essential for those who own such dogs to make sure they have an appropriate area in which to play and run on a regular basis.

Just like their darker colored relatives, they have even tempers and are quite reliable. For this reason, such canines are often trained to work as service dogs. They are particularly efficient in assisting to care for handicapped individuals, such as those who are blind. They are quite easy to train as police dogs as well, and are used in this capacity on a frequent basis.

Such dogs typically stand a few inches over two feet tall. They are large, and generally measure a few more inches in length than height. Although they are muscular and strong, this does not stop them from being known as a perfect pet for families, as they are very cautious when playing with children.

Similar to traditional dogs in this category, this type of Shepherd is at a higher risk for certain hereditary health problems. These include hemophilia, dysplasia of the hip or elbow, and eczema. Such dogs also have a tendency to develop epilepsy and keratitis, the latter of which is an inflammatory disorder of the eye. However, these disorders are more rare than those listed above.

When searching for White German Shepherds for sale, breeders should be selected with care. One should not conduct business with breeders whose kennels appear dirty or crowded, or who try to get a client to meet with them in an area other than the location in which the animals are kept. Dog lovers will be happy to know that it is not difficult to locate reputable breeders, and essentially any canine enthusiast will be highly satisfied with the joy such an animal adds to his or her life.

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