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The Types Of Undyed Yarn

By Chasity Sheppard

Craft makers and knitters alike all know that undyed yarn is a great way to express your individuality when you are busy crafting. Buying these uncolored skeins and coloring them the way you want allows you to be more creative and go beyond the standard colors offered in craft stores. You get exactly what you want instead of being forced to only choose from what is readily available.

Knitters have a wide variety of undyed skeins to choose from, including several natural fibers and a few man-made ones as well. There is a type of everyday strand that is very popular and easy to find in both colored and uncolored varieties. They are often called everyday fibers, but some people also call them Superwash or other names. This a very basic, strong yarn that is good for almost any project you might want to try.

Another really popular choice with knitters and crafters is wool, which is made from sheep that have been shaved of their hair. These wools are used to make very thick skeins that can be used for clothing, especially clothes that will be used in really cold weather. This fiber is often used for socks and gloves because in the winter, it will protect from the biting cold.

Another popular uncolored fiber would be alpaca, which is the shaved hair of the alpaca animal. You can get it in the regular variety, which usually comes from adults, or the baby variety, which is said to be softer than the adult type. Either way, this is a very soft fiber that some people use as a substitute for silk, because it has a similar soft feel.

If you like that silky feel, alapaca isn't the only type of uncolored fiber that you can go for. Real silk is also spun into skeins for crafting, and it is arguably the softest of all the yarns. It is a natural fiber that is sought after by clothing makers because of how great it feels against the skin. It can be used for many projects, though clothing is its most popular application.

Blended skeins are a great way to provide softness and strength for items that need to be a little more durable. For example, one type of blend is wool and silk, because the wool is very strong, while the silk isn't as strong, but is very soft. Together, they combine to make a yarn that is durable, but with a luxurious feel to it.

Once you choose which material or blend to use, it is time to decide what color to use. Though you can certainly leave the yarn uncolored, it is fun to choose a color or colors to dye it. You can even blend more than one color to make a brand new hue that is yours and yours alone. You can dye it at home, though there are plenty of professionals that will be happy to do it for you.

With such a wide variety of fibers to choose from, it is no wonder why undyed yarn is gaining in popularity among knitters and crafters. Whether you need a softer skein, a more durable one, or perhaps a blend of both, you can customize the yarn to make it represent you. Then make gifts to give out on holidays and birthdays to show your loved ones just how much you care.

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