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A Review Of The Obligation Of Being Oberllyn

By Alta Alexander

If one is into young adult novels about government and conspiracies, then he will definitely love the Oberllyn trilogy. Book two in particular which is the Obligation of Being Oberllyn is yet one of the more exciting ones in the trilogy. Here are some of the things to know about this book as well as some of the things that the readers can expect while reading the story.

For those who do not know about the trilogy, it is created by J Traveler Peton. This particular book was published in October of 2014 under the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. It has become one of the more popular books in the young adult genre ever since.

Of course for the people who do not know what the story about, it is in a nutshell, about a Kai Dante who happens to be the main character. Now in this book, Kai Dante was a man fighting against those trying to impose a debt slave crisis which was solved in the start of the second book. Of course in the start of the second book, the conspirators have already been removed.

However, peace does not last too long as a group known as the Brotherhood led by a Lady Venom decides to strike the Oberllyns. Their plan is to simply cut down the world population from a billion people to just a million people and destroy the Oberllyns. With this threat on the line, the only people that can rescue the world would be the Oberllyns and their friends

However, they have to make sure that they take down the threat before the Day of the Dead in Mexico. There is kidnapping, undercover work, surveillance drones, and other very exciting things that readers can be able to find while reading and delving deep into the story. Definitely a book that has a lot of action and a lot of behind the back scheming as well.

Of course this book is somewhat different in a way that it actually writes about almost realistic situations but in a way that may not seem real. So it will definitely be an entertaining read for those updated with politics as well as active civil servants. Readers will be able to see how each of the characters would move according to their motives.

No it is not the usual battle of the good guys against the villains but it is more of a fight of clashing principles. There is no wrong or right here but it is up to the reader to decide what he thinks is right. This book can really make people think hard about society and the government as well as the values that different people would possess.

For the people who are into really hardcore action and strategy, this book is a must read. The details of the book are stunning and the book itself is actually not hard to read. Any person of any age will definitely be able to enjoy reading about the story in all its glory.

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