dimanche 12 avril 2015

The Growing Influence Of Top Fashion And Lifestyle Blogs

By Joanna Walsh

With social media, comes a whole new way to communicate and interact. Bloggers have an influential platform and the ability to accumulate followers from all over the globe. The top fashion and lifestyle blogs are often read by millions of people and this gives them power. Some bloggers are already celebrities and receive constant media attention. They are sought after by high end brands and often collaborate closely with them.

Individual fashion bloggers have a wide reach, with many having over a million followers. Consumers follow them to get style advice, inspiration, to learn about trends and get suggestions on products to buy. This is why many brands have taken notice. As bloggers have a large, trusted and loyal audience, brands have realized that it makes sense to collaborate with them and gain access to their networks. There are even social media tools that have been developed to help brands identify influential bloggers.

High end brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss partner with them for marketing efforts. They use them as models in campaigns, ask them to do videos and even bring them on as design partners. The bloggers are often seen sitting in the front row at their shows.

Posts are often full of photos and there is no doubt that clear, sharp, bright, well-lit photographs contribute towards the success of a blog. An arresting photograph will always draw attention. Anyone with access to the web can take photos and write about anything they want and potentially have an audience. This has not been possible in the past and the consequences of this are only starting to be seen.

However, a blog consists of more than just some good photography. It has to offer good content and be written in such a way that followers relate. If it is too stiff and formal, containing little in the way of information, ideas and tips, people will easily find a more entertaining one to follow. Reviews of products are also found and these are often thorough and honest so they are trusted by followers.

Human beings have always told stories. In this computer age, blogging provides a new way to tell stories, to share with one another and to pass on lessons learned. No topic is off limits and there is always an audience, no matter how obscure it might be. For more mainstream topics, there are huge audiences who benefit from the interaction with one another.

Lifestyle bloggers write about a great variety of topics. Many of them are mothers and wives and they write about subjects that appeal to other women. Parenting, decorating, crafts, food and organizing are just some of these subjects. Many of them write in a personal way as though they are conversing casually with a friend. Their followers are given a peek into their lives.

Many of these bloggers start blogging as a hobby. Along the way, people begin to follow them and before long they have a community of followers. People listen to their advice and even purchase products recommended by them. Blogging opens up doors for those with many followers and presents them with opportunities to make their blog more than just a hobby. With time it is likely that more and more people will take advantage of being able to express themselves with a blog.

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