lundi 13 avril 2015

Tips In Pricing Commissioned Custom Oil Portraits

By Joanna Walsh

Many painters make a living out of commissioning a painting. They do paintings whenever they are requested by a client. With their skills and knowledge about this trade, they try their best to meet the demands and expectations for their clients, especially when they are commissioned to do custom oil portraits in NYC.

The clients request for these paintings for several reasons. The customized work might be for their family picture. It might also be just for an individual so that they can present it as a gift. It might be to decorate the new home. Whatever reason it would be, the painter has to do the request of the client.

When you are doing the said painting, the main concern you will surely have is how you will price the painting. You have some considerations that you will have to take note of when you want to know what the proper price should be for your work. If you take these considerations into mind, you can come up with a price that everyone will find reasonable.

In pricing the commission, you better follow some tips to make it easier to handle. There are surely tips out there that can be of great help to you if you want to come up with a reasonable price for your work. If you want to know the best way to price your commissioned work, here are the general rules that you should know.

First, you should understand that the pricing you are setting gets to change. If you are an already established painter, you should be able to command higher prices for your work. You can even raise the price the next sale. This basically means that the price you charge your clients with will not be set in stone.

Avoid undercharging. This is the most common problems that painters usually face. The price that you charge for your work should be reasonable after considering all the materials you used for the said masterpiece as well as the effort you have put into it. It should cover the framing, shipping, canvas, paint, and whatever is applicable.

Be consistent and clear. Clients do not care just how much time you invest in making a piece. While you might fret about it, they do not. That is why it is not recommended to price your work by the hour since it might confuse clients. Instead, it is better to use a size-based pricing scheme.

Do your research. You must check up on the works of other painters around your locality, especially those who are working in the same trade as well. You have to observe how they do things and see what can be applied to you. Through the research, you can use what you know to stand out more.

When you are talking with the clients regarding the price, you should state your price first and then shut up. Do not try to rationalize why you put a certain price on a certain work. If you think that the price is to high for your clients, do not apologize. Shut up and let the clients decide whether they will take it or not.

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