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Fun Drinking Games: My Favorites

By James Terrance

A few fun drinking games for 2 are all you need to get the party rolling. Fun drinking games are free and easy to get started. Find a deck of cards or a ball, or even empty cups, and you will sense the time to introduce fun drinking games. They guarantee an enjoyable party. While many fun drinking games exist for 2 people, the vast majority of games are made for three or more. If you want to see what difference they can make in your party, introduce Fun card drinking games and see how the night goes!

Drown the Clown

Drinking games with cards are always fun. There are games that take only two players or several. One of the most popular is Drown the Clown. Following are instructions on how to play.

Drown the Clown is one of the most popular fun drinking card games and it is designed to be played with multiple people although it can be a fun drinking games for 2. In order to play it you will need an even number of people. Deal each person one card face down. On the count of three everyone turns their card over. Those with the card or a card of equal value point and shout shout "Clown". The slower person has to take a drink. If someone points and shouts at the wrong person the shouter has to take two drinks.

To play, pick a word that no one is allowed to say. A player who says that word, has to drink. Pick common words and watch people stumble over their words. Pick something like 'it' or 'so' and watch the fun start. You can ban words such as yes, no and maybe.Start asking players truth or dare questions and see how quickly they trip up or surprise you with intriguing answers. It is not always negative but a mix.

A card game that a is lot of fun for just two people is the High Low game. All it takes is a deck of cards and a friend to play with. Here is how you play:

To play, get a deck of cards and find a drinking buddy. Designed for two people, one person acts as the drawer of cards, and the other acts as the guesser. The person who guesses waits until the other person draws a card. He or she guesses if the value ranks lower or higher than the card. Guessing correctly, the drawer takes a drink. If they don't, then the guesser takes a drink. After 3 correct guesses change roles.Fun drinking card games for 2 can be a game to play in small as well as large parties.

Sixes To play exciting Fun drinking card games you line up six empty cups, all in a row, of different sizes. Include beer mugs, tea cups, and just about any size in between! Number each cup from one through six. Begin by a person rolling a single dice.The number that they roll corresponds to the cup they have to drink. Refill the cup and keep moving. Fun drinking card games can become one of the most enjoyable ways for a party to start.

Whether they are fun drinking games for 2 or more fun drinking card games will make your party a hit!

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