lundi 6 avril 2015

Becoming A Great Portrait Painter

By Aimee Schwartz

Being this kind of person will certainly take a lot from you. However, if you are determined to make it out there, then so be it. Start with the basics so that you will have a solid foundation of your skills. Lucky for you, those are the things that you will get in this article which is why you ought to be thankful for this.

First, practice every time you get the chance to be in that mode. Ask any portrait painter in NYC and you will get the same first advice. If you are planning to make a living out of this, then you better take your preparation seriously. Make use of all the sources that you will be able to find since that is important.

Second, you are suggested to have your family members as your first subjects. Since you seem them all the time, then it will be easier for you to make their portraits look just like them. You will be attentive to the slightest lines and that can lead you to have the best work that you have ever done in your life.

Third, you have to be fearless when it comes to moving from one medium to another. Be reminded that even if your work will look different, your soul will still be in there. So, there is really nothing for you to worry about. This is simply part of your growth as an artist which is why you have to go through it.

You would need to listen to what your family is saying. They may be a little bit bias since they love you but then, that same love would lead them to give you an honest opinion since they would not want you to be put to shame in front of a lot of people. Thus, learn to have an open mind in here.

You have to be with an expert who will be kind enough to criticize your work. Take note that you still have a little grasp of what is great and what is not. If the expert will tell you that your piece is already closer to perfection, then that can be your inspiration to keep reaching for the stars. All will be well.

You have to be inspired all the time. Take note that the answers to your questions are just around you. So, take the time to be in a park and watch all the people go through their lives. Capture their moods and that will lead you to come up with a new piece after just a few days and that will be it.

You need to be less logical in here. Allow your feelings to govern where you will be going with your painting. If you will be technical, then this one will never be called a masterpiece by anyone who will see it.

Overall, just let your talent shine in New York, NY. If you will be in this mode, then you could be certain that you are the one who is appreciate in here. No one else.

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