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Discovering The Spiritual Journeys Of Bible Pilgrims In The Endless Possibilities Books

By Iva Cannon

With many people moving through life on paths designed to improve their personal faith, a series of books designed to help them can be very welcomed. For those who are Christian, the life affirming stories of famous men and women in the Bible hold particular interest. For this reason, author Lee B. Spitzen has created stimulating reading for those looking for inspiration and guidance.

Author and Reverend, Dr. Lee Spitzer has created two volumes for study that seek to stimulate those who read them in choosing positive pathways. His writings seek to provide clear answers for the often confusing options that Christians often face. Keeping clear heads and focusing on goals are two methods that he teaches for those who wish to better understand how God has ordered their lives. The endless possibilities books offer organized ways for seekers to become more aware of what is meaningful and godly in their lives.

These writings are organized with questions and opportunities for readers to explore their answers to those posed. Considering how one is growing or declining in faithfulness is one important topic. Becoming aware of God as a giver of paths is another significant topic.

Embracing gifts of spirituality are another important part of the writings Spitzen has put together. Though he is of Jewish birth, he converted to Christianity as a teenager. His writings are thought provoking in nature, and ask questions as a methodology for teaching and learning in a very organized way. Essentially workbooks in nature, there are exercises planned for in depth consideration of scripture passages. These are called Exploration Exercises.

These books divide any journey of faith into five important phases. Preparation is the first. Next comes identifying the call to be faithful. Third gives ways to understand how important it is that we cooperate with our neighbors and God. Fourth in the list is about goals and what we must do when we reach them. Fifth and last includes resurrection and life anew for today and tomorrow. These distinct parts of each of our journeys are guidelines for understanding how and what we should undertake along the way. The idea is that we can learn to see what is happening more clearly and act upon circumstances in positive ways.

Of the two volumes available, you can read the first to learn about true spiritual journeys and how to focus on taking them well. If you happen to be struggling with difficult times, and bad outcomes to various decisions, there are solutions posed for improving things in your future. Having the chance to fulfill more positive outcomes is part of what you might learn from this volume.

The second volume in the program is course book filled with numerous opportunities for journal writing, note taking, and truly questioning what Christianity requires of its followers and provides for them throughout life. This contains reflections on the spiritual self using scripture passages for devotional purposes.

In addition to the course, retreats are offered for those seeking in depth training. Participants can join together to make new friends and learn personal skills for religious growth. The insightful publications come alive when used as the theme for these events.

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