jeudi 16 avril 2015

Letting An Online Marketing Company Bolster Frozen 2

By Katie Arden

Arguably the most popular Disney movie in the past number of years has to be "Frozen." It's a name that just about everyone has heard of, even if they don't like Disney films in general, and its appeal is startling to say the least. As of late, it's been announced that a sequel will be released, which had to have been a given with the first film's commercial success. If an online marketing company were to be brought on, though, I think that greater success can be had.

Set to be released in 2018, according to a number of recent articles, "Frozen 2" will pick up where the events of the first movie left off. Those who have watched the original may wonder how a story like this could continue. After all, all of the major plot points in the story were tied up relatively well, making the concept of a sequel that much more interesting. Despite discussions of potential storylines and the like, I think that marketing must be covered in detail.

There are many reasons why "Frozen" earned success at the onset. One of the most prominent, from a business standpoint, was the degree of advertising put into the brand. More than a year after its initial release, it's not out of the ordinary to step into a toy store or general retail outlet and find copious amounts of "Frozen" merchandise. Everything from DVDs to toys are sold, in massive amounts, which has amplified this movie's success further.

Firms such as fishbat can boast a number of services, those related specifically to social media included. You have to keep in mind that while this service is great for interactive purposes, it's just as easy for businesses to post content for their audiences to absorb. "Frozen 2" has its own audience to appeal to, so Disney's efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and the like should match this. As long as services like these are incorporated, the value of an online marketing company will be that much stronger.

The question must be asked: can "Frozen 2" reach a high level of success? While it remains to be seen if it'll trump the first movie, in terms of sales and overall quality, I have to believe that it'll gain tremendous traction based on the name alone. "Frozen" has become something of a cash cow for Disney, so why shouldn't the sequel make money as well? Provided it is made well, which shouldn't be a problem, I'm sure that "Frozen 2's" enjoyment will be matched by its advertising push.

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