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Helpful Code Geass Anime Review To Gain Insight From

By Joanna Walsh

Japan is known for many things. But one of the most influential and most well known thing that they have contributed to the world is anime. These can be categorized as cartoon animations with sharper features and more distinct appearances. Most of the time, these shows were based on novels and game characters that were created in the same country as well. There are those that have lived on to become the most known series of all time while others fade in comparison.

If you wish to experience what it has to offer, you should start off with an explosive one. One highly recommended series is known as Code Geass. This is set in a time when robots are the ones used for wars. Many avid fans have attested to the fact that this is one of the best. You should read at least one Code Geass Anime review for you to get the gist of the entire story.

Like many other animes, this is also a story that was derived from the Japanese comics with the same title. The story takes place during the time of the colonization of Britannia when it took over Japan. Although the concept is cliche, you can still see how the makers put it to good used. It was said that people of Japanese blood were considered as cast outs and were stripped of their rights and their freedoms as they were stripped off of their country.

Numerous individuals have been intrigued by the plot since the one who vowed revenge against the colonizing super power also the same from the same country as the antagonist. A Britannian prince was exiled right after witnessing the death of his mother. The same incident caused unfortunate effects on his sister which made him hate his father and his empire even more.

During his stay, he was able to encounter and save a certain being which gave him powers. The power of Geass now allowed him to control minds. This became a crucial tool in accomplishing his goals of a successful rebellion against the king and the empire.

There are many intriguing things about this show that attracts the viewers to it. Firstly, the main protagonist is not someone who can pass as a natural hero. He may have the looks and he may have the abilities but his motives are far different than that of a common hero. All he wants is pure revenge without room for forgiveness.

There are other people who have taken sides and they usually thought that the protagonist was pitiful. But sooner in the series, they realized what the prince was capable of. And things became more confusing and interesting as the hero does things that is not supposed to be done by someone with a protagonist role.

If you are looking for sharp graphics and good animated scenes, this is one of the most recommended shows that you should watch. The detail and effort put into this work is admirable. But you can also see that there are still other animes out there which can be compared to this level of graphical expertise.

It is true that the concept for the entire story is dark since it revolves around achieving justice and freedom. Most of the time, themes like this always instigate war. However, you could also not miss the humor that is laced with the entire plot which will still give you laughs even if you are feeling chills.

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