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Ballet Schools In Ottawa Are Professional

By Helen Scott

The capital of Canada is called Ottawa. It is a very cosmopolitan city and full of culture. It is a very clean and safe city with an excellent standard of living and not a lot of people that are unemployed. Being a center for Canada's culture, this city nurtures many different branches of creative's, with one of its most popular and beautiful creative branches being the dance form of ballet. Over the last century many ballet schools in Ottawa have been established and many good dancers have come out of them.

This dance form has been around for a very long time and is well respected throughout the global community. It is thought to have originally begun in the renaissance courts of Italy in the 15th century where it was started as a performance dance. From the 17th century on it become more focused on being a form of concert dance and gained traction in France and Russia. It has influenced other dance forms greatly and is globally adored.

In Canada this form of dance was mostly a spectator sport for Canadians, the French introduced it in the 17th century when they colonized parts of Canada but it was mostly taught to the upper classes children, those who could afford to pay the expensive private French teachers for lessons. It really took off in the 1930's where great Canadian teachers started to emerge.

These teachers came from overseas where they had honed their skills and introduced them to students in Canada. Finally there were dancers of a professional standard starting to come out of the great white north. However because there were no dance companies in Canada at that time, these talented students had to go overseas to places like France or England to gain any recognition and respect. These students when they came back started the first Canadian dance companies.

A question to ask ourselves is why has this dance been so influential on global culture? One of the reasons is that it is very expressive. It can be used as a visual counterpart to a musical piece, or used to tell a tale; even just by itself it can be interpreted in many ways. It has managed to transcend all boundaries of race, culture and borders and bring people together to enjoy an expression of ideas and emotions through the beauty of movement.

Dance classes in the capital city of Canada, as with everywhere else where this dance is practiced, are very strenuous. Often dancers are required to start young and go through many years of training for their minds and their bodies before they are considered professional.

A dancer's body is often put through the wringer. The exercises that are required and are repeated, often damage muscles and cause injuries. Bone deformation can also happen from the uncomfortable positions they have to put their feet in. Taking up dance is definitely not a light decision to make.

Although there are challenges in the life of a dancer, many find it worth it when they can get out onto the stage and perform. If they are noticed by the right people they may find themselves swept up in the whirl wind of fame and fortune. The dancers of Canada's capital city have been feeding this whirlwind of creativity for over 85 years and show no sign of slowing down.

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