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Interesting Points To Note About Steel Pan Drums For Sale

By Jessica Jackson

Drums are among the most ancient musical instruments. They are struck using sticks or by bare hands to produce sound. The different pitches are dependent on the material and craftsmanship of the instrument. There are legions of drums in the world with different origins. These include the acoustic, African, hand and frame drums among others. The steel pan is one of the unique drums in the world. Herein are some basic facts about steel pan drums for sale.

This musical instrument is composed of three main parts. These are the skirt, the surface, and the belly. The skirt serves different functions. It determines the pitch of the instrument. The skirt length is different depending on the designers regarding his or her desire for pitch. Instruments with longer skirts have a lower pitch. On the other hand, those with shorter skirts have a higher pitch.

The origin of this drum can be traced back before the slave trade. It was common among the Caribbean. There have been many changes to the instrument over the years. There have been different designs have been in its shape, and design. These variations have come about for improvement purposes.

In its preliminary ages, the steel pan was seen as a crude instrument. The bourgeois in society looked down upon steel pan players. It was perceived as an instrument of the rebellious. People from the lower caliber in the society mostly enjoyed the street music. The situation is not so currently. The instrument is seen as a national symbol.

This piece of unique instrument is found in music shops in Trinidad. Some artisans also make home-made portable replicas as souvenirs for tourists. It is, however, available for ordering in online shops. These include e-shopping applications where you can find the instruments in different designs and sizes at an affordable price. Before purchasing a piece, one should be careful to find out if it is genuine.

Unlike the modern instruments, this drum is a living instrument. It continues to improve with time. Its main demerit is that it has a relatively low range. It is also too large. That limits its portability. As time goes, the instrument continues to go through unending metamorphoses.

The nature of this instrument requires maximum care. The equipment should be stored in a case. If you do not have a case, keep the instrument covered when not in use. Avoid placing objects on the drum surface. Keep it dry and polished. The most delicate part of the instrument is its belly. Avoid resting the equipment on its belly. Also, tuning and repairing your instrument should be done by a professional.

The drum is uniquely created. It is a strong historical and cultural artifact for the Caribbean islanders. It continues to gain international acceptance. The steel pan drum is available in online stores. It must, however, be tuned and repaired by an expert. It is delicate and should, therefore, be stored and handled with maximum care.

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