dimanche 21 février 2016

Be Creative With Mens Custom Bow Ties

By Pamela Burns

One way a person may be set apart from the masses is by displaying a unique sense of dressing style. Making an impression, expressing one's spirit, getting attention, or making a statement are just a few ways people use fashion. A clever way to personalize common outfits is to add mens custom bow ties for impact.

This accessory is a classic that got its start in the 17th century as a means for Croatian mercenaries to keep the collars on their shirts together. The upper class of French society took an affection to this look and soon it became a fashion statement and an absolute must for any properly attired gentleman. In modern times, it is worn for both formal and casual affairs by men, as well as women.

This iconic piece of neck wear is available in several styles and types, and is suitable not only for formal affairs but for social functions, school, work, and casual occasions as well. They come as either a clip on, pre-tied, or self-tie version, each meeting specific needs. A person's type choice and how they like it tied is going to be based on independent preferences.

It is quite easy to enter a store and simply pick a standard tie that matches all the others on the shelf. This allows one to select their style, type and color but there is no individuality to the process. Websites which off customization of these accessories provide customers with the opportunity to be more expressive.

These sites offer a wide range of options that allow the customer the opportunity to design a unique product that is completely to their liking. Once a person creates an account and signs in, a whole world of choices opens up before them. The process of building a customized piece is simple and easy with step-by-step guidelines to make the experience an enjoyable one.

Picking one's preference of clip on, pre-tied or traditional type of tie is the first step of the process. Then one needs to decide on style elements such as rounded, pointed or flat ends and thin ribbon, thick band or standard cut form. The different combinations will generate a variety of looks on the completed piece.

The fun part begins when it is time to select the colors and other aspects of the piece. The wide range of pattern options and full spectrum palette range means there are a multitude of possible combinations. To get a more unique, unusual or eclectic product, one may opt to create a print using personally uploaded images, nature, animals, sports, hobbies, music, pop culture, landmarks and works of art as inspiration.

No longer must one be forced to look like just another tie wearer in a room full of others who have the same piece when it is so easy to create a product that is a perfect representation of a person's own interests, style and personality. While this accessory is a standard symbol of class and sophistication, it also shows confidence and sense of daring. The easy to use website program, affordable pricing and convenient shipping make it so simple to express individuality and a quirky fashion style.

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