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What You Need To Know About Wearing Vintage Hats

By Stephen Patterson

If you love the idea of adding vintage elements to an outfit without looking dated you may want to consider using accessories instead of clothing pieces themselves. Adding touches such as vintage hats can be a great way to get an outfit that has the feel of a bygone era without going overboard. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure the hat you choose looks great and gives you the feel you are looking for.

Hats have been popular for hundreds of years. In the past, they were a way of making a social statement as well as being a fashion accessory. Today, in many societies, people still will not attend certain sporting or social events without covering their heads and often will pay hundreds of dollars for custom made versions that have been designed by milliners.

If you want to concentrate your collection on authentic pieces and not reproductions you may need to do a bit of hunting. Good places to find hats are thrift shops, second hand stores and even estate sales. Some pieces may come up for auction as well. Be prepared however to pay more for a hat than you would pay for other types of vintage pieces. It is not uncommon for individuals to spend years slowly building a collection of vintage toppers.

The time of year should definitely influence what kind of hat you choose. There are some that are made out of lighter weight materials such as straw. These are great choices when you are out in sunny, hot climates but will not work as well when the temperature dips. Conversely, heavier materials such as velvet, felt or fur should be saved for colder weather as they may be too heavy during the summer or the spring.

Unless you are attending an event where people will be totally dressed in period attire, balance is ideal when wearing a hat. Consider wearing neutral, modern pieces along with your chosen piece. You may be able to add in other more classic or antique elements but be careful not to overload your outfit. You want the focus to be on your head gear and not on your outfit as a whole.

If you will be getting dressed up and attending an event you need to think about how formal it is. For example, a wedding would call for a different choice in headgear than a more casual event would. Men should also be aware that there are a range of styles that they can choose from that will look good with a suit. If you are unsure of whether a particular style will work, check out images of similar events to see what kind of headgear the attendees are wearing.

Caring for your piece is important. For example, you need to know how to store a particular piece properly so that it is not damaged by heat, light or humidity. You also need to know how to clean it properly if it becomes soiled. Over time, hats can become brittle and damaged unless they are looked after in the right way.

Wearing your hat can be a fun and exciting. You may be surprised at the amount of attention that you get. If you are wearing a truly unusual style you may find that people will ask you questions about it so be prepared to talk about why you love these fun and beautiful fashion objects.

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