dimanche 14 février 2016

The Custom Bow Ties Shopping Tips

By Edward White

Traditionally associated with the tuxedo, the bow tie has now donned a new avatar - of casual chic. Bow ties look great with casual clothes. It is best to opt for self-tied bow ties available with some designer brands. You could choose an interesting print such as plaid and pair it with a shirt, sports coat and jeans for a really funky look. There are double sided ones to give you more room for change. What you need to remember when wearing custom bow ties is that they should never be wider than the width of your neck and should never go beyond the tip of your collar.

As a rule, make sure your bow-tie works with your outfit. If you are not wearing a jacket, keep your bow-tie small and plain-colored so that it doesn't draw too much attention. Never choose a print or polka-dotted bow tie with just a shirt. If you are wearing a dark gray or black blazer, then you can be a little more creative with your tie selection. A print or dotted bow-tie can be easily subdued with a heavy, dark-colored jacket.

When you've got time, let's claim you have no work for the morning, take a look at your closet. Observe what sort of shirts you have got, with emphasis on the collars. From then on, assess which designs of bow ties should you pick. Wearing a bow tie won't automatically transform anyone to a trendy, good-looking guy.

The third factor to consider is your appearance. Make sure the bow-tie you choose looks good on you and compliments your features. Color comes into play here in a big way. Unless you are wearing a bow-tie for a wedding that has a pre-selected color, always consider what colors you look good in and what ones you don't. For example, if you always look good in bright blues because you have blue eyes, then wear a blue bow-tie. Similarly, if yellow is just not your color, don't wear a yellow bow-tie.

Unique bow ties for men are these days being sold at slashed down prices at various online stores. During the festive seasons, the sales of men's fashion accessories go up considerably. The internet as we all know has become the new and easy shopping platform. It is the one stop shop for buying good quality, durable and at the same time reasonable products.

With these colors, you have a lot more freedom in the rest of your ensemble. The rule of thumb here is: The darker the tie, the more range you have for the shade of the suit, shoes, and shirt. With a light gray tie, you'd better be wearing a lighter shirt and a matching suit. But with a black bow tie, you can wear gray, brown, or black suits.

Men can include peaked lapel in the coat to give it a modern look. Moreover, individuals have the freedom of accessorizing their shirts with studs and cufflinks and add sparkle to their look altogether.

Designer bow ties for men can be worn as a part of formal accessories during special occasions such as prom nights and weddings. A man usually carries a formal look while attending professional meetings, functions, events and also at formal social gatherings. Online shops offer a good collection, all you need is to compare the rates and choose a design that suits you.

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