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Guidelines For Undertaking Stage Makeup Kits For Schools

By Anthony Ellis

In any given production, actors have to show emotion and bring in life to the performance. It is for this reason that stage makeup kits for schools is very important incentive for realizing a perfect performance. Actors must use them whether they are performing for a small or large audience. It is therefore vital for every actor to know what encompasses a perfect kit and ways of applying them.

Prior to going about the application process, the skin needs to be well cleaned. After cleaning s when you can go ahead and apply the toner. A small amount of toner will ensure consistency and not exaggerate the appearance of the person. An important thing to note is that toners that are high in alcohol can lead to drying of the skin.

As you apply the foundation, it is essential to start on the forehead. Using a dark foundation can turn out disastrous since the stage lighting will significantly reduce the dark foundation. As soon as the foundation is done, one can then start on the blush on. A rosy blush is suitable for most girls. Similarly, this should also go hand in hand with the skin color.

Lip color can make a huge impact on the whole set. Here it is vital to use a liner which will come a long way in complimenting the shape of the lipstick. A liner also helps in preventing the chances of the lipstick spreading when an individual sweats. A suitable lip color is the one which matches which the color of costume that is put on.

A face powder is used to prevent excess sweating and to keep the whole makeup in place. For this exercise to become successful, a particular brush meant for it needs to be utilized. The brush is dipped in the powder and evenly spread on the face of the character. In the event that an excess amount is retrieved, then it can be reduced using a clean towel to tap the brush.

When applying the eye shadow, it should be swept upwards. The person should outline and fill in eyebrows using a dark or brown pencil. The bone underneath the eyebrow has to be highlighted with a reflective eye shadow. Additionally, a thick black eye liner will be applied around the entire eye. As one goes about this, it is important to ensure that he or she can be able to view everything after the application.

Various indicators can help an individual determine whether the application was faulty. These include poor application or missing foundation. A perfect kit should encompass a suitable foundation. It is equally relevant since it is where the rest of the elements are applied. Use of elements which are not waterproof can cause excess sweating which may not go down well for a performer.

Stage makeup is a science in itself since it requires precision and practice. It can also be challenging for people who are well experienced hence the need for regular practicing. A better makeup needs to look exaggerated close up but natural from afar. The above guidelines can help in maintaining the needed balance.

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