dimanche 21 février 2016

Knowing More About The Apple Watch

By Mark Wondsner

Apple watch is the latest gadget or tech released in the techno world. It's been one year since its release and since then people have found to have significant interest towards this device. Apple watch is very friendlier, it keeps the user engaged and not only used to see time but also check emails.

With the increase of the Smart watch users the demand for the Smart has also increased and there are several companies providing you with the smart watches. Now the question is how do you know which is the right company to buy the smart watch?

The Apple watch is found to have many distinct features like it can help you to monitor your heart rate, trace your steps, you can also play music using the watch's wireless technology, use it to send emoticons, type messages and also check notifications and many more that makes it a very pleasing and attractive techno gadget.

In short the watch helps you to prevent going to your phone every time you need to do certain things. It works on a wireless technology and as an attachment to your phone so it is very important to make sure you are within the range of your phone and connected too if you want to use it.

The apple watch comes with a flagship finish; it has a unique but simple and attractive look. It has a very elegant look, with no sharp edges, curved glasses also combined with curved metals. The case is available in different materials, steel, rose gold and aluminium in precise. It is said to be thick but as it is found to curve inwards, it looks thinner more often. There are smart watches that have this issue and are fighting to solve it but as we know the technology has still a lot to improve as it is now.

Despite the use of metal casing the apple watch is very balanced and it doesn't let you know about the thickness. There were two variants of the watches found which is available for both the males and the females. Both the variants not only differ in size but also have a difference in their battery life.

Looking at the right side of the watch it has the Digital crown and a button that can be used to show or hide friends and also access the Apple Pay option with the double click and also turn the watch on and off. The base of the watch comes with a heart rate sensor and a magnetic inductive charging system. You might not know at first but it also has a microphone and a small speaker which can be used for calling.

Now you can find all above feature only on one watch it is the Apple Smart Watch, it has already been launched with the new OS, Watch OS 2. Earlier the watch was only compatible with the IPhone apps but with the update the third party apps can also be used in it easily.

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